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Hottie of the Week: Sexy Sapphire

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Sexy Sapphire

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since she was a little girl, Sexy Sapphire knew she was destined for success. Like many other little girls, she enjoyed pretending when she played games. Often, her mother stated she would become an actress when she got older. Sexy Sapphire did not become an actress, but she has made a name for herself as an entertainer. Instead of simply being an actress, Sexy Sapphire has become a favorite in many risqué publications over the past few years.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Sexy Sapphire focused on making a name for herself and she has done very well with this, thus far, as she has built a large fan base. Sexy Sapphire has nicknamed herself “Bmore’s Hidden Jewel,” as she still is making herself into a household name. However, word is getting out about Sexy Sapphire and she is making numerous appearances in publications, among them Tipdrill magazine.

Sexy Sapphire is a self-proclaimed “fetish princess,” also having built a solid following in the adult entertainment industry, a fan favorite of many. During her interview with Hip Hop Vibe, the latest Hottie of the Week discussed her Baltimore upbringing, her interest in entertainment, and her overall career. The discussion was very broad and it shows several sides of Sexy Sapphire and how she became the woman she is.

Read the entire interview below:

 After realizing you wanted to entertain, how did you get your first gigs? I jumped on the Myspace band wagon, it was 2006 around the time when Myspace first became popular and was making celebrities out of everyday people.

Early in your career, who helped you get where you need to be, figuratively? There was a very devoted fan, Dave Poe, I met at the beginning of my career as Sapphire. He constantly promoted me and found venues for me to explore and make money through my work. Also, I got lucky enough to have a photographer, R. Dante, to take personal time to develop me properly as a model for over a year straight. I knew absolutely nothing about modeling or the urban entertainment fields and would have been lost without these two.

 When did you see your popularity begin to increase? I really saw my popularity increase after I joined Twitter; it opened me up to an even bigger and more reachable demographic.

 To date, how many magazines have you been featured in? I have been in five print magazines and countless online magazines as well.

What was it like growing up in Baltimore? Growing up in Baltimore was the same as I would imagine in any major city. Though things were a lot safer back then for kinds in the streets, I can remember being outside pretty much every day, playing.  But I moved every year, it seemed, and some of the neighborhoods were rough, at one point we moved into a neighborhood with a gang war in progress.

 Do you follow astrology? Yes I do, and I do consult the stars when dating and read my horoscope regularly.

 What is your zodiac sign? I am a proud Leo woman.

 Can you tell us some of your fondest memories, which stick with you even to this day? See, my childhood was filled with molestation and physical and mental abuse. I really don’t have many fond memories as I look back. My childhood was a mess. My fondest memory is at 19, the birth of my son, my reason for life.

 Why do you call yourself “Bmore’s Hidden Jewel?” I consider myself more like a sapphire than a diamond because diamonds are common, you can get them anywhere. I’m like that sapphire; a rare find in jewelry displays however I’m just as beautiful and shine just as bright as that diamond. In fact, in the midst of them, I will always stand out.

 How long have you been in the adult entertainment industry? I got started in the adult entertainment business in mid 2007, so five years.

 Why did you retire from hardcore to focus on fetish? When I was filming hardcore videos, I was filming couples porn. I only filmed hardcore scenes with my actual boyfriends and girlfriends, even when shooting for features on other webmasters sites. When I broke up with my last boyfriend in late 2010 I didn’t want to film with any new guy or jump into a new relationship, and after seeing how people in the porn career really live, I was definitely not interested in filming with any other person in the porn business. My only option was to quit filming hardcore stuff. I’m glad I did.

 Could you talk about what you have gone through to become the hottest adult star in Baltimore?  When I first started, there was a lot of opposition to what I was doing. It even had me in a position where I felt I was blackballed by other models, dismissed as “that porn chick” I had the hardest time getting other models to shoot with me. I still do honestly, although I help develop and style models and set shoots up for those who have sense to know and judge me for themselves. 

There was another model that jumped into the adult thing right after I did and copied me; she really started making a name for herself. She went full force into it though and started doing almost anyone and burnt herself out. I got her the first paying gig of her career, in fact, but she retired about two years ago. I had “beef” with two local porn companies too because I wasn’t the type to conform or join their team and follow rank.

 I’ve always believed no one will ever work as hard for me as I did for myself and it was very important to me to not break the rules I set for myself. My integrity was important to me.  I’m glad I did, I can say everywhere I got and everything I am I was lucky enough to earn and deserve so I can look back with no regrets.

See additional photos of Sexy Sapphire below:

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