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Hottie of the Week: Sabrina Linn

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Sabrina Linn

Sabrina Linn 3By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A woman who sacrificed so much for the well-being of her loved-ones, Sabrina Linn decided to do something for herself in October of 2011. Since her late teenage years, Sabrina Linn had goals of delving into adult entertainment. The Texas native has everything big in the right places, so she began her career.

Sabrina Linn has built a devoted and large fan base over the past year and handful of months. There are several reasons Sabrina Linn has become so popular. With the physical appearance obviously being the first reason, the second is Sabrina Linn’s professional appearance. In recent years, vixens and models have began handling their own business and Sabrina Linn has continued this trend.

Hip Hop Vibe felt the perfect way to begin 2013’s Hottie of the Week series was to keep everything in the Lone Star State. This time around, however, Sabrina Linn was the topic of discussion. Sabrina Linn spoke on how she ended up in the adult entertainment business and how she plans to jump into other forms of entertainment.

Read the entire interview below:

Starting a little over a year ago, are you surprised your career has come so far so quickly? Actually, I am not surprised in just over a year my career has done so well. I have done everything all by myself. I have applied myself and focused fully. Jobs came to me easily and, without hustling, I was able to pick and choose only what I wanted to do.

How did you wind up doing adult entertainment? I ended up in the adult entertainment industry due to a life long dream I felt I needed to fulfill. At sixteen, I knew I wanted to appear in an adult magazine and video. After raising my daughters for the first eighteen years of their lives, alone and making them my priority, I received their blessing and took a step into the industry.

Is this business anything like you expected it to be? This industry is everything I expected it to be. I was always very educated on the industry and studied it. I am an active Christian and live a reserved personal life. The industry is full of people with a lack of morals, values, and principles. I am blessed to be an intelligent woman and to be able to separate the two lives. I do not mingle and mix, I work, I treat it as a business, and I greatly appreciate my fans, for they make me who I am.

What are some other projects are you involved in? Presently, I am just registered with a cam site for the first time ever. This is a little exciting, because my fans will finally be able to interact directly with me. Also, I am looking to do a little modeling for a clothing and shoe site.

How would you best describe your life, growing up in Texas? My life growing up in Texas has been wonderful. I think the people are pretty friendly, but very closed-minded. I grew up on a small farm in the country and I am blessed to grow up with very cultural views compared to many.  I had a great upbringing and then I moved to Houston and learned how life really worked. From eighteen on, I have been a real go-getter and very independent.

Is there any truth to the phrase “everything is bigger in Texas?” There is some truth to “Everything is bigger in Texas” statement. I know we have a lot of beautiful, busty, girls. Texas is full of thick gals and with thick gals come big things.

What part of your body do you feel is the most seductive? I believe my mind is the most seductive part of my body. My mind, by far, is it. I believe intelligent, great, conversations are very alluring. If it has to be a physical part, my eyes. I can play up my eyes and nobody expects it, so it works.

How do you hold everything together, with all that you do? I hold everything together so well because I know I have no other choice. It’s me against the world, a do or die attitude. God guides me and He has blessed me with my talents, guiding me along my path. I was a single mother at twenty-two with full custody of both of my daughters and I formed a hustle that will die with me. People ask how do I live two totally different lives and how have I never fallen into the lifestyle. Strength is the answer to that question, as I know who I am. Some people live forever and never know who they are or what they are living for, fortunately that is not me.

What do you consider to be the best part of your personality? The best part of my personality is that I’m very open-minded and open-hearted. It’s not my job to judge, I care about everyone’s well-being, and I always want to see someone improve. It’s not what you have in life, it’s what you do with what you have.

Where can fans connect with you online? My fans can contact me on my Twitter @SexySabrinaLInn or my Facebook.  Personal inquiries for business [email protected]. Soon, I will also be posting on the cam site I am set to appear on.

See additional photos of Sabrina Linn below:

Sabrina Linn 4Sabrina Linn 5

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