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Hottie of the Week: Princess Javel

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Princess Javel

Princess JavelBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A face many may recognize and someone many may definitely want to see again is the lovely, beautiful, and talented Princess Javel. She is a model, having appeared in music videos from the likes of Torch, Iman Shumpert, and many more as a vixen. But, what really is Princess Javel’s passion is making music.

Princess Javel is also an artist and she has co-signs from some of the biggest figures in the game. When she first began recording, Princess Javel ended up in the studio with Fat Joe down in Miami. Growing up, Princess Javel was influenced by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe.

Every Thursday, the Hip Hop Vibe audience has gotten used to getting to know a beautiful woman each week. This week, we decided to let loose on a previously unreleased interview with Princess Javel, who talked to us last December. In this interview, she discussed her ambitions and some of the projects she’s involved in.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us about some of your influences? I’m from the South Bronx, where hip hop originated from. My social influences and successful roles models like Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe, gave me inspiration. I am an extrovert so I get electrified by my fans.

You model and you have interests in rapping and singing, what drew you to entertainment? I started modeling first as a gateway into the industry. As a model on set of music videos, I would have the opportunity to meet different artist and build my network. Being a Nuvo model was a great opportunity for me to get directly connected with top people in the industry. Like Fat Joe, Secreto, and other artists.

What was one of your best moments as an artist? One of my role models, Fat Joe himself, was the first person to take me into a famous professional recording studio in Miami called Circle House, owned and operated by Cool & Dre. It was a wonderful experience that changed my life forever. When I saw Joe recording in the booth, I knew for sure in my heart that I wanted to work with music. If you have passion, drive, and dedication you can achieve your dreams. I’m currently working on my first mixtape. Which I’m so excited about. I am a rapper.

There are a lot of models who have jumped into the music industry as artists, do you feel it’s important to have more than one hustle? There have been a few models that are trying to be in the music industry. I haven’t seen them become mainstream. In life, you should never limit yourself, so I encourage everyone to become a “renaissance man” or a “jack of all trades.” Expand your mind, and definitely get more then one hustle. Help bring more income to you.

At one point, it was said that you are enrolled as a student at Syracuse University, is this still the case? Yes, I am currently enrolled at Syracuse University as a full time student; majoring in international business. This past Fall 2013, I founded a student organization, called Syracuse Boxing Ring Girls. I want to help empower smart young women, to become more self confident. We had successful first semester with a selection of 4 members. We held the ring cards for the Syracuse Boxing fight night. Which was a great event!
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See additional photos of Princess Javel below:

Princess Javel 2Princess Javel 3

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