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Hottie of the Week: Mi’Chel Bombshell

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Mi’Chel Bombshell

Mi'Chel BombshellBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Dating back for some time, Mi’Chel Bombshell has been modeling, but she has now jumped full throttle into the urban modeling scene. Making her name in the urban scene, Mi’Chel Bombshell is now seeing her career blossom. There is much more outside of modeling she wants to bring to the world, however.

Mi’Chel Bombshell definitely has big plans for the industry and she thinks very highly of herself. Few women in today’s times earn the bombshell status and Mi’Chel gave it to herself, which shows her confidence. With so much in the works, Mi’Chel Bombshell is doing whatever she can to keep herself going.

This week, Mi’Chel Bombshell agreed to talk to Hip Hop Vibe for the Hottie of the Week segment. Bringing her own sexy to the game, Mi’Chel Bombshell spoke on how she goes about her unique style. Young, sexy, and ambitious, Mi’Chel Bombshell talked about her future ambitions.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling all my life, however as far as urban modeling and what I’m currently pursuing, it’s been about five months, a very short time, but I have accomplished a lot.

Who do you consider a bombshell in the industry? I consider myself a bombshell, that’s why it’s a part of my name (laughs). Now, what do I think a bombshell consists of in this industry? That would be an-all around businesswoman that is not only beautiful, seductive, and sexy, but classy in all of her dealings. A bombshell thinks with her brain and has all of her priorities in order when it comes to her business.

If you weren’t in the modeling industry, What do you think you would be doing? I would still be a business owner. I can’t work for anyone, I have to have my own. I’ve been there done that, it didn’t work, so I won’t be going back. I have an online boutique with my sisters and besides that I would put my focus toward the beauty industry. I love to do makeup, so I would have more time to pursue that. That is just one of my many future endeavors I will accomplish in addition to modeling.

What publications and photographers have you worked with? The majority of my images have been produced through Cclark photography. His work and my beauty got me published in my first publication with Straight Stuntin magazine. You can find me in their most recent seventh year anniversary issue, which is currently in rotation. However, I have also shot with Briscoe photography from DC as well as Ransom photography, both photographers produced great images. Briscoe’s images landed me in other publications as well, such as Dymelife magazine and Dymez Lounge magazine. Those images can be found online on each magazines site.

What would you say is your sexiest attribute? My personality is my sexiest attribute. A person can be gorgeous, but if the personality doesn’t match, it makes them ugly. I’m very down to Earth and humble, that won’t ever change.

Do you find it that men are intimidated by you and your lifestyle? Absolutely, men who don’t understand my lifestyle are very intimidated. They are also initimidated by my look and my no BS attitude. Therefore, I focus on my career until I meet someone who understands my career and can be a real man.

How has your life changed since you have been published? More people definitely know me and recognize me. I also have gained more supporters and of course the hate comes with all of that as well, but hey I just say it’s free promotion!

What’s sexier twerkin or lapdancing? I LOVE to twerk (laughs) but lapdancing is definitely sexier. That’s something I would do for my man, because it is so sensual and intimate.

What’s the wildest place you have ever gotten the business at? Well I mean I wouldn’t call it “wild” but it was in the park on top of the car (winks) not in it.

Can you tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? You can find me on Twitter @MiChelBombshell and Instagram @MiChel_Bombshell. I have no facebook!

See additional photos of Mi’Chel Bombshell below:

Mi'Chel Bombshell 2Mi'Chel Bombshell 3

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