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Hottie of the Week: Jazz Tattz

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Jazz Tattz

Jazz TattsBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop is perhaps the most-unique interest of them all, of course this is just one person’s opinion. But, hip hop encompasses so much that it is impossible to determine what one thing falls under the category. Take Jazz Tattz for an example, she is a model, yet she is also a host for Fayetteville’s WCCG 104.5.

Jazz Tattz is one of the more-recognizable names on the Fayetteville hip hop scene and she’s easy on the eyes. She has a background that suggests she was destined to be some form of entertainer, whether it be hip hop or another genre. Whatever the case, she makes every situation one of her own.

This week, Jazz Tattz agreed to sit down with Hip Hop Vibe for the Hottie of the Week segment. Last week, there was a hiatus because the goal was to bring some of the best of the best back. Jazz Tatts falls under this category, as she brings a lot to the table and she has been doing so since the age of three.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you decide that modeling was something you wanted to pursue? It comes too easy and it’s natural to me. My mother was a model and entertainer from the Bay Area of California, she also was a soul train dancer. She started my entertaining career at the age of 3 years old competing in national pageants, which I was involved with until the age of 17. See, I have never been shy of the limelight, public speaking, the runway, or entertaining large audiences. Modeling came with the package and I have always loved it. Being in front of a camera and on stage always was something that put a bolt of electricity through my body; just like a pit bull once I bit down at 3 I knew this was where I wanted to be!

Who were some of your childhood role models? As for entertainers, I have always been a fan of Halle Berry, she started her career as a young pageant model. She overcame so many obstacles and broke down many barriers being a woman of color dealing with competition. Over the years, her career has blossomed and she branched out to do so many other wonderful things and I wish to do the same. The beautiful brown queen of hip hop, Foxy Brown, musically has always been a role model of mine. I just love how she rhymed with so much power and could hang with the big dogs while doing it all in a long floor length gown, six inch red bottoms, and finger length nails.

She was a BOSS and an innovator, she screamed black girls rocked and that’s just how she walked. Growing up I use to sit in my room an imitate Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez, two female queens of radio. I was so intrigued by how they engaged there audience with their savvy but still sophisticated personalities. My girls were both always in heated debates and never cracked under pressure. Morally, my older brother has installed so much strength, knowledge, and integrity in me and has always been my number one supporter spiritually and financially “You got to love and respect that.”

It takes a very open minded loving person to be willing to give so much to someone and their dream and I’m a very lucky lil sister to say the least. These photo-shoots and studio time don’t always pay for it self! I gained my gorilla attitude from him instilling in me to continue to stand for something or fall victim to everything. So many girls get consumed by trying to reach fame that they forget who they are or their moral values.

I just understand that I have to stay consistent and what’s meant for me will come to me. Me and my brother are 10 years apart he always instilled a bosses mind set in me and I wouldn’t be where I am today with out him. Denise Granberry, CEO of Global Tresses the goddess of cosmetics and hair care has always been a mentor of mine, showing me the true meaning of being a female boss by starting her own company from the ground up.

She took off immediately due to great strategic workmanship and her humble warmhearted personality has always shinned through which all of her celebrity clients would tell you the same. She opened so many doors for me being selected as her spokes-model for Global Tresses and being able to travel all over the world to speak on behalf of her company. She has my respect and I appreciate her loving open arms.

Do you prefer implied nudes or fashion photo-shoots? To me personally, fashion is fashion as long as it’s done in a tasteful manner. A model is just a prop to to define a creative vision.

As an up-and-coming model, how reluctant were you to take off your clothes for your photographer? The recipe to it is having the right creative vision and team to pull your concept together. Being able to work with a great glam squad and dope photographer that believes in you and you the model trusting in his creativity makes for a successful collaboration. Team work is dream work!

Do you find being in Fayetteville limits or helps your chances of being discovered in the modeling world? As far as speaking the truth on the Ville, the only limit that Fayetteville brings is that Fayetteville is slept on! For the most part, when people think about NC, they think about Charlotte and Raleigh. There are a lot of great musicians, artists, models, and talented people right here in the Ville. But, from my point of view, the light is starting to shine on my city.

There is so much more to come out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Being from the Ville has molded me into the strong woman I am today. The Ville is like a gold mine or diamond mine, if you take the time to look you will find a treasure chest of talent. I’m proud to be from the Ville, a military brat by way of my parents. Fayetteville is just like my life because I was born in Berlin, Germany the same year the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

My entire life, I have been in places where people have had to overcome great odds. Fayetteville is no different, the city has it’s rough edges but for the most part it’s filled with people that have over come tough times and are happy to be where they are at. Fayetteville has made me everything I am today hardworking, driven, ambitious, loyal, and loving.

How did you become involved in radio and broadcasting? As I said earlier, I have always been involved some how with entertaining. I attending John Casablanca Talent Academy and Mary McAurther school of arts growing up. As I got older and began stepping out into the night life, I met a lot of people in the mix and I began to host and promote parties. I became the MC at different events and the Assistant Program Director at one of the local radio stations saw me in action and we chopped it up for a while.

She said that she was feeling my energy and asked me to come down to the station. She showed me the ropes and within a week, I was live on-air. It felt great to be around people that had the same creative drive I had and it all happened so fast. Being from the city was an advantage, because my fan base grew fast. Listeners would actually call in and ask for me by name. They would call in and interact while I was on air and the hotlines would be on fire!

When you show love to your city, I learned quickly they return the favor. The listeners resonate with me because I’m just like them. Even off air, I’m in the city, I rub elbows with these people on a daily basis. I love speaking and meeting people so I can find out directly what they want to hear and what topics matter to them. Being able to relate to your audience and keep them engaged is key. Given the opportunity to work with and learn from vets like Big Snow Dog, DJ Rain, Double Nice, Rude Boi, Kev aka Hey Ladies, Big Leem, and so many others that support my movement is such a blessing.

When did you fall in love with tattoos and how long did your biggest tattoo take to finish? This is going to sound super corny but I didn’t fall for tattoos, they found me! Every single piece I have is important and each one creatively spoke to me before I sat down in the chair to get them. My tattoos are a illustration of growth. Every one personally came to me, it just so happen they’re physically visual for the world to see.

I was only 14 when I got my first tattoo. I have actually had a lady walk up to me and say, “You would be such a beautiful girl if you didn’t have those tattoos,” in my mind I thought how ugly was that commit but hey to each is own. The biggest tattoo I have is my flower blossom tattoo that has growing vines which represents growth it starts at my foot and goes to my neck. I personally feel in life you never stop growing so I guess that’s why it’s not completed yet.

If you had a sexual super power what power would you possess? As for wishing to have a sexual super power, personally, I’ve been told I already possess it! (Pow)! In a nutshell, I possess a natural erupting oasis when I reach my sexual peak. And I think I’ll let you fill in the holes! (Winks).

What is Jazz Tattz sexiest feature? It really depends on the critic, some would say my personality. I’m just an around the way girl that wants the best for everyone. I open myself to anyone. I’m considered a country girl from where I was brought up so being a welcoming social butterfly comes natural. I can walk in a room and start a conversation with anyone. I love nothing more but to laugh and make others laugh.

I’m a Tomboy, so I can cook you dinner in my underwear and then kick your ass on the court. Like seriously please don’t start a debate with me about Kobe and LeBron. Then, others would say my sexiest attribute is my legs. I played soccer all my life then started competing competitively on a roller derby team for years so I have always been called ” horse legs” who knew that what I was picked on as a girl would one day be one of my most admirable features.

What does the future hold for Jazz Tattz and how many more tattoos does she plan on having? The possibilities in my career are endless. I’m just blessed for you all to be documenting the movement now. This industry is tricky, but nobody’s built like me, I define myself and that’s what separates me. As for my tattoos I’d say just the same, the possibilities are endless but I will give you guys an exclusive. Up next, just think facial art! Wait for it!

Can you tell us how to find you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Find me on Instagram @Jazztattz and Kik @Jazztattz. For booking info 910-670-9364.

See additional photos of Jazz Tatts below:

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