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Hottie of the Week: Jazlyn

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Jazlyn

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Those who like an adventurous woman would love Jazlyn. Doing everything from fitness to operating heavy machinery, Jazlyn loves a challenge. Despite doing such daunting tasks on a daily basis, she manages to keep herself looking good at all times. Describing herself as imaginative, adventurous, zealous, and spiritual, she is the total package.

At an early age, Jazlyn displayed a love for music, being inspired by gospel music, hip hop and R&B. As a young adult, she began performing at shows throughout Perth City, Western Australia then expanding to all areas over Australia. Very spiritual, Jazlyn’s essence shines through in everything she does. Looking up to Yolanda Adams, Lecrae, and Deitrick Haddon, she started her own record label, Revelation Records, and began using her business skills.

An all-in-one type of woman, Jazlyn is not afraid to get her hands dirty, as she often operates heavy machinery. She knows how to operate dump trucks, excavators and bobcats. When she is not operating heavy machinery, Jazlyn is outside working out, as she is a major outdoor and fitness fanatic. She is an overall unique blend and she feels she is just the change the entertainment industry has been waiting for. Something very different.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you manage to blend several types of musical genres into one? I’m a firm believer in diversity, so I like to create, mix and be versatile. I’m a fan of most genres of music, and like to be vocally flexible.

Performing your music throughout Australia, what has the reaction from fans been like towards your music? I’ve got some great supporters, ever since I started performing live at 14 yrs old in Perth where I grew up. When I turned 18 and performed around the nation, I gained many friendships, networks and fans who to this day remain supportive of my music. I love seeing people smiling, hearing them applaud and watching them get into it.

When did you start Revelation Records? I started Revelation Records in 2010, after I moved to Sydney from Perth. The name is based on a revelation I had – Why try to get signed to a major label when you can learn the procedures and gain satisfaction of having your own label? – This is a massive achievement for me, and although it’s a lot of work being in charge of the label, plus being a signed artist, I absolutely love it. At the age of 20, I can honestly say I’m proud of my independence and drive to learn the implementations of having your own business.

Do you have any other artists signed to the label? At this present time, my album is the primary focus, however the label is about to expand and introduce some great Aussie talent to the industry. These
artists possess the same drive that I have, to be individualistic, which is initially what the label is about. Be on the look-out for them!

Aside from music, you also operate heavy machinery; can you explain more about that? I’ve always looked at operating, but was put off by what people said “Why on earth would you?” They’d tell me that all the time. In the end, I pushed aside what they said and began my machine operation training because I wanted to. I’ve scored a great job, I love getting my hands dirty and being outdoors. I now operate excavators, dump trucks, and bobcats. And honestly, it’s the greatest fun! I see machines on site, no matter how intimidating they look I always give them a shot.

Along with operating such heavy machinery as dump trucks and excavators, you are always outdoors doing other things, can you discuss that? The outdoors is unreal and I think a lot of people get consumed in there day-to-day lives, leaving nature unappreciated. I love fishing, camping, rock-climbing, white water rafting, quad riding over sand dunes, horse-riding and jogging. You keep fit, plus appreciate the given adventures out there.

A fitness fanatic, how do you feel maintaining a good body is important to maintaining a good life? I believe if you’re happy with your body, you’re a confident person. I think confidence is essential to remaining a positive person, which in turn will effect the way you view life. Life should be lived with a smile.

How often do you work out? Every two days. I’m not a fan of pushing for workouts every day. I like to let my body restore itself, but you sure as heck won’t catch me in a gym. There are too many macho macho’s there for me, I prefer to use the kettle bells, dumbells and do sit ups and push ups in my room with my headphones thank you very much! Being a sprinter I’ll go for runs around the beaches too.

Have you ever considered turning your workouts into another business venture, such as turning them into dances for your music videos, or training others? I’ve always wanted to train people, as I’ve been involved in athletics and fitness from a young age. However, I have discovered I have a different calling in life, so I’ll incorporate my love for fitness into my music. I have a music video coming up with fitness in it. I also have business plans for opening up a gym, but when that’s finalized I’ll say more!

What is next on the to-do list of Jazlyn? I plan to release my full album, drive even bigger machines than what I do, travel, invest in some great upcoming business opportunities, oh and jump out of a plane. Sky-diving is a priority on my list. Just hope that parachute opens…

See additional photos of Jazlyn below:

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