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Hottie of the Week: Hershey Rae

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Hershey Rae

Hershey RaeBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Yesterday, it looks like Hip Hop Vibe forgot something, huh? This week has had a lot going on behind the scenes, but each week Hip Hop Vibe gives the audience back a little something. Usually, Hip Hop Vibe comes through with a model, but those who like it X-rated, they are in for a treat.

Hershey Rae has been doing her thing for quite a while on the adult entertainment scene. Many may know Hershey Rae for her videos and they are well-known within that circle. But, for those wondering just how Hershey Rae ended up in the industry, Hip Hop Vibe got some answers.

This week, Hershey Rae is the Hottie of the Week on Hip Hop Vibe and she explained her history in the game. Starting out just modeling lingerie and doing small DVDs, but soon she got into the adult industry. Now, Hershey Rae is live on Hip Hop Vibe to discuss her career.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you get your start in the sex industry and how many years have you been doing it? I was doing lingerie modeling and bike week DVDs. I have been in the industry for five years.

How did your friends and family react to you being a porn actress? They had a few things to say but didn’t have no prob asking for money. (Laughs).

What was the hardest part of filming a porno? Keeping hydrated with them hot ass lights. (Laughs).

Are there any sex acts that you won’t do on film? Creampies!

Who are some of your favorite adult stars to watch perform? Rico Strong, Wesley Pipes and myself.

Any rappers, athletes or celebs you would love to do a sex scene with? (Laughs) Boosie, he looks like he has big dick swag.

Does a regular guy stand a chance of getting some of that sweet Hershey chocolate? Depends on how much he paying. (Laughs) Just kidding, but yeah just be yourself and don’t try to impress me with material shit.

What is your favorite position? Doggy style and giving head!

What is the secret to giving good head? First of all, appreciate the men for all they go through and love giving head.

Can you tell us how to follow you on Twitter and Instagram? Twitter @hersheyrae and Instagram @hersheydaoralist.

See additional photos of Hershey Rae below:

Hershey Rae 2Hershey Rae 3

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