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Hottie of the Week: Fonda Kristin

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Fonda Kristin

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

From the start, models are stereotyped as shallow, self-centered, and arrogant. Those who give out those harsh judgments are the same people who only look at the pictures and who do not read the articles. Fonda Kristin was definitely blessed with the “model look,” but does not possess those stereotypical qualities.

Instead, Fonda Welch is a hard-working young lady from Southern California who finds herself on the East Coast working toward a better life. Modeling was a calling which could not go ignored by Fonda Kristin for long. While modeling is still a part-time hustle, Fonda Kristin is working hard at it.

Between her friendly personality and her warm smile, Fonda Kristin can easily win anyone over. Recently, Fonda Kristin took time out of her schedule to converse with Hip Hop Vibe in the latest Hottie of the Week feature. Take the time and get to know Fonda Kristin.

Read the entire interview below:

While you are originally from Southern California, where are you currently located? I am currently located on the East Coast for school and while I have been here, I won Miss Social Network this past August for North Carolina.

What type of model do you consider yourself to be? I consider myself to be freelance and I enjoy many different looks, so I am very flexible with what a photographer would need from me for their work.

Are you still surprised to see how far you have come? Yes I am and I consider myself very blessed!

What is your support system like? I have an amazing, amazing, support system of friends! I would NOT be here today without them!

Before modeling, what type of jobs did you work? Modeling is my hobby, but I have a career in the Dental field and I love it! I love teeth! (Laughs)!

What are some of the things that interest you, outside of modeling? I enjoy spending time with my little boy! I also love biking and going to the beach! I dream one day I will have a house and as soon as I step out, I have my toes in the sand! I also do hip hop dancing as well. I love it!

Are you a fan of hip hop music? Yes I do hip hop dance classes twice a week! I look forward to the nights I go and get excited!

Who are some of your favorite artists? I love Young Jeezy; I have enjoyed his songs for years. I also like Kanye West, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross. They have a lot of great songs to dance to.

Would you consider appearing in music videos? OH I WOULD LOVE THAT!! THAT IS ONE OF MY GOALS AND DREAMS!

What type of work are you most comfortable doing? I am comfortable with doing promotions, music videos, and modeling.

See additional photos of Fonda Kristin below:

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