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Hottie of the Week: DoseofDrea

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: DoseofDrea

DoseofdreaBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the more popular models on the ink market is DoseofDrea, a native of New York City. Bringing a unique look, DoseofDrea really draws the people in. She has enough curves to keep the people interested and she is proud to flaunt her booty.

DoseofDrea entered the urban modeling industry back in 2012 and quickly got published. A lady with an interesting story to tell, DoseofDrea is a staple on the urban market. Most importantly, there is always something new DoseofDrea has going on.

In this week’s Hottie of the Week edition, DoseofDrea talked to Rel Tha Don, who interviewed her. During the interview, DoseofDrea spoke on her history and her new projects. DoseofDrea was very open about her career and what she has planned in the future.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you first become a published model? I first became a published model in 2012. I had a couple appearances in Urban Ink Magazine from going to tattoo conventions. I was then featured in the “Lick my Tats” and “Black Edition” of the Miss Apple Universe magazine. The best of all was being featured as editors choice in the Inked Stunnaz Magazine.

What is your ethnicity, are you from different backgrounds? I was born in Manhattan, New York but my parents are Jamaican.

What makes DoseofDrea different from other models? I think I’m different from most other models because what you see is what you get. I try to keep my look as natural as possible.

The attention of your tattoos, does that make your following bigger, or is it a specialty? I think the tattoos make my following bigger. Although in a great person, the look of the tattoo and body art grabs the eye.

I see you are into body painting, how did that come about? I went to college for fine arts so I’m very much into the arts. Body painting is a great way to let my artistic side out and another plus is a body is fun canvas.

What is your definition of beauty attraction and hip hop; Can you sum it all up? When I think of beauty and hip hop I think about the Lauryn Hill’s. Maybe I’m just older. The new impressions of beauty and hip hop are cute and all but I do love the old school impression of beauty.

See additional photos of DoseofDrea below:

Doseofdrea 2Doseofdrea 3

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