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Hottie of the Week: Ayisha Diaz

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Ayisha Diaz

ADBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before even saying her name, a lot of people already know who this lady is. But, for the three people out there who don’t, her name is Ayisha Diaz. She has a lot of positive things going on for herself and she keeps her face out there with her constant music video appearances.

Over the past few weeks, Ayisha Diaz has made noise with her appearance in Wale’s music video for “Clappers” with Nicki Minaj and Juicy J. However, that is only one side to Ayisha Diaz’ long story. Aside from the videos, she is a fixture in the magazines, making two covers recently, too.

Ayisha Diaz is Hip Hop Vibe’s latest Hottie of the Week and she had an interesting story to share with the public. She was quick to inform Hip Hop Vibe about her magazine appearances and kind enough to speak on the “Clappers” video shoot. In the interview, Ayisha Diaz also spoke on her take on the industry.

Read the entire interview below:

As one of the more popular video vixens in the game, who are the women you look up to in this industry? I don’t really look up to any one right now every one struggle and motivation it’s not the same I don’t want to be at no one status I just want to be successful and happy with my own steps and

When you first ended up working around these celebrities, did you feel as if you were ready for it? I fit right in the mix, minus the lack of emotions and arrogant personalities. They weren’t ready for me, some one who is not starstruck and can care less who they are. I treat them normal and I’m not scared to say no.

Once you got into the industry and saw the inner-workings, were you surprised at how it was? Yes! After Superhead stories, I thought everyone was fucking and sucking each others for favors, jobs, and spots in the limelight and it wasn’t at all. Some do more than others, but the key is to have the right connect and I didn’t think artists, actors, and athletes were so reachable to the public untill I started working around them. I see it like this, it’s high school except they are popular with money that’s all.

Recently, you appeared in Wale’s “Clappers” video with Nicki Minaj and Juicy J, are you pleased with how that visual came out? Yes and no. (laughs). They had us do all these routines all day long to not show any of the moves that had our ass and legs on fire, but other than that, we had fun.

How does it feel to be right back in the spotlight since that video is doing well? I’ve been in the spotlight before the video came. I was on the cover of Smooth and Straight Stuntin’ this just gave people a visual of me bouncing my butt and throwing my leg up (laughs).

Obviously, you have a very nice shape, what type of diet and workout regimen do you maintain? I’m not a working out person and I get bored when I go to the gym, but when I see myself getting out of shape, I cut everything that can make me gain weight. That includes meat, fast food, cereal, milk, juice, rice, bread, and cheese. In other words, I drink lots of water and try to eat green and some fruits.

In addition to working out, your profession also means having a lot of stamina while working, how do you keep yourself going? (Laughs). I’m lazy already, but what makes us tired is sitting around set for hours before they shoot us, but when the camera is on, I usually can borrow some energy I was saving for emergency and show out.

When you are not working, what are the activities that occupy your time? I’m a very laid back person. I like to chill at home with my cats and I’m also write back to some of my fans that send me fan mail. I’m a girl who likes shopping, eating, and pampering but I rather be making money than relaxing. I want to retire from working, period, by the time I’m thirty.

How can we connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? I have a website, My Twitter is @AyishaDiaz, my Instagram is @ayishadiaz0, and my backup accounts are @ayishadiaz6.

See additional photos of Ayisha Diaz below:

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