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Hottie of the Week: Amelia DeVane

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Amelia DeVane

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In order to achieve dreams, work has to be put in. Amelia DeVane has been putting in work for some time, as she is focusing on her modeling career. However, Amelia DeVane is also a full-time student at North Carolina A&T, so modeling comes second to her school work. When she is not at school, DeVane is networking and doing photo shoots.

Amelia DeVane is currently a freshman in college, at A&T, she loves having fun, shopping, and especially loves being in front of the camera. Those interests led to her pursing a career in modeling. DeVane is currently modeling for Double X and hopes to soon have more photo shoots lined up. As an eighteen-year-old, Amelia DeVane finds herself juggling several projects.

Recently, Amelia DeVane received rave reviews from a recent photo shoot, so she has more shoots lined up, as the summer approaches. Amelia DeVane opened up about her hard work, along with going to school, and maintaining a social life with Hip Hop Vibe. In the future, Amelia DeVane sees herself on the cover of popular magazines and becoming a household name.

Read the entire interview below:

Is your real name Amelia DeVane? Yes, it is.

How long have you been modeling? I am new to the game, I started modeling a little over a week ago. However, I have always wanted to model because I am a natural.

What models did you look up to growing up? Definitely, Tyra Banks and the Victoria Secret models. I also look up to Kim Kardashian, because she takes great pictures.

So, you admire Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian, do you see yourself starring in TV shows like they do? Definitely. I would love to have the chance to be on television. I would love to have the chance to have my own show if it ever became possible.

Would you be open to doing music videos if the opportunity presented itself? Yes, I would.

You have already expressed interest in reality television, but would you be interested in doing acting? I have always loved watching movies, but I do not believe I would be the best actress. I could become an actress if I put in the work, I would take the chance if the opportunity presented itself.

You are a freshman at NC A&T, correct? Yes, that’s right.

What are you majoring in? Right now, I am majoring in Biology, and I will be changing my major to Mass Communications & Broadcasting this fall.

Will you soon be modeling at events in the Greensboro area? As of right now, I am not sure, but hopefully Double X will soon have some events planned for me.

What do you think would be your favorite type of photo shoot? My imagination is so broad. I don’t want to sound cliche and say on the beach, but I would love to have it on the beach, but very fashion-oriented. There would be pop-out eye shadow and the water effect, with me as the “beach babe.” I would love to shoot that type of scene.

See more photos of Amelia DeVane below:

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