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Hottie of the Week: Alexis Simone

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Alexis Simone

Alexis SimoneBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A name and a face many have seen, but may have never quite focused on is Alexis Simone, a well-known model on the urban scene. While there are many models who have made their home on the urban market, Alexis Simone is going for it all. She has appeared in various programs.

Alexis Simone appears in Jasmine V’s “That’s Me Right There” music video with Kendrick Lamar and also “Who The (Bleep) Did I Just Marry.” These appearances have definitely helped get her name out there more. A lot more is to come from her later this year.

This week, Alexis Simone sat down with Hip Hop Vibe for the Hottie of the Week interview. She detailed her decision to become a part of the entertainment industry and the goals she has for the future. There is a lot the world should expect to see from her.

Read the entire interview below:

A lot of people fall for the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, what is it that attracted you to the business? What attracted me to the entertainment business was always being that modeling and acting was my passion. I felt like this was the industry that I was made for. It’s my profession. I also believe that within the entertainment industry, it goes along way. You get booked for jobs that lead into much bigger and bigger, and better entertainment jobs. My major in college is even Journalism & Communications, entertainment was definitely my calling.

Many beautiful women rely on their looks to find success, but you are among the women who transitioned to having success on the business end, what drove you to take on both sides of the industry? When I was in high school, my goal originally was to be a fashion designer than I began writing for the “Griffin” newspaper and I started loving entertainment, I always wanted to model and I used that platform for me to branch out start writing for magazines such as Steam Magazine, and Stunnaz Magazine. I used my modeling career, not for my looks but for me to branch out into starting a business, and not one but two. A clothing brand and a nail polish brand.

You have done a lot of work in front of the camera, how did you wind up being booked for those TV appearances? I wound up being booked from my national booking agent, Brittany Carter.

Can you tell us about the experience you had in doing “Who The (Bleep) Did I Just Marry?” The experience of doing a show, sitcom, “Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?” season five, was amazing! I love the show, I loved the role that I played. It was just all around a great opportunity for me.

One of the hottest songs out is Jasmine V’s “That’s Me Right There” with Kendrick Lamar, did you enjoy that video shoot and did you get a chance to network with the stars? Yes! I absolutely enjoyed working with Jasmine V and Kendrick Lamar. I remember researching her once my Agent contacted me about doing her Video, and I thought she was GORGEOUS. Kendrick Lamar is a very humble rapper. I love his taste in music.

As previously mentioned, you have a lot of projects in the works, can you tell us more about some of your own web TV programs you are working on? Yes. I am working on more ID and TLC shows that will be airing soon. I am also working on a brand web talk video with celebrity designer, Stevie Boi, who is also a great friend of mine.

You also deal in the fashion industry with a clothing line and a nail polish line, what successes have you had with those ventures and what do you foresee in the future with those businesses? Yes. I have had major success with both brands in a very short period of time I launched both brands in 2014 and my brands have been worn by Stevie Boi, models such as Ashley Zee, I was able to showcase my clothing brand in Jasmine V and Kendrick Lamar’s “That’s Me Right There” music video, I’ve showcased my clothing brand in New York Fashion Week, sold my nail polish in Nail Trix Salons in Maryland and DC. I love how both of my brands are very successful that’s what’s most important to me. I am opening a brand headquarters store before 2015 is over in Virginia.

Thank you for taking out the time to speak to Hip Hop Vibe, before you go, can you let us know where the people can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Thank you for having me!
You can find me on Instagram, @AlexisSimoneTheBRAND, and my brands, @HBrandHeadquarters, @GorchessNailzPolish. You can find me on Facebook, @AlexisSimone. If you would like to Email me for any Questions that you have, any models who have questions about the industry, please email me at [email protected] I actually answer back.

See additional photos of Alexis Simone below:

Alexis Simone 2Alexis Simone 3

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