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HHV Exclusive: Tahiry Jose talks “Love & Hip Hop,” video vixen/cover girl career, “Maury,” and “Intimacy” calendar


HHV Exclusive: Tahiry Jose talks “Love & Hip Hop,” video vixen/cover girl career, “Maury,” and “Intimacy” calendar

Tahiry Jose HHV officialBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Anyone who has read an gentleman’s magazine or watched a music video in the past ten years should know who Tahiry Jose is. Most recently, VH1 reality TV show watchers should be very familiar with Tahiry Jose for her role on “Love & Hip Hop.” This platform has helped Tahiry grow in various ways.

It’s hard to categorize Tahiry Jose and that’s the way she wants it, as no person wants to be linked to one thing, solely. One day, Tahiry could be on the cover of a magazine, the next on VH1, later “Maury” and “Bethenny,” and then doing red carpet interviews. The woman is very diverse and she is hot right now.

Tahiry Jose has her “Intimacy” calendar that is dropping on Friday and she took the time out to speak to Hip Hop Vibe. She briefly discussed “Love & Hip Hop,” her history as a video vixen and magazine cover girl, highlighting the 50 Cent “Do You Think About Me” music video and her cover on KING Magazine. In the interview, she also talked about Suite 135 and the “Intimacy” calendar

Read the entire interview below:

For the past year, you have been front and center on VH1 with “Love & Hip Hop,” what’s that experience been like for you? It’s been amazing, a lot of people have had negative things to say about it, but I view it as a blessing for myself. It’s changed my life and it’s been a wonderful experience and I have nothing negative to say about my experience there. It has created a new platform for me and I love the new opportunities that have come from the show.

During one of the later episodes of the last season of “Love & Hip Hop,” you stated you had a lot of fun doing music videos and magazines over the past few years, which videos and magazines stuck out the most to you? Well, everything I have done in the past five years in the industry all stick out to me in different ways. But, KING Magazine was the beginning of it all and I keep that plaque on my wall to keep me motivated. Any time I want to stop, I look back at my KING Magazine cover. But, as far as videos, I remember doing the video with 50 Cent and it was amazing, it was professional, and everything was handled so well. The experience was amazing and meeting him was a great thing that opened other doors for me and helped make me popular on the internet and in the industry. It was the “Do You Think About Me” video that also featured Vivica A. Fox.

As a veteran in the industry, do you feel as if you have “graduated” so to speak from doing as many videos and magazine appearances? I would rather say I have grown, because even of the biggest come back to do music videos and magazines. So, I’d rather say I have grown, as I still get contacted to do both music videos and magazines. But, I have left my mark from where I have come from to where I am going. It is important to evolve from just doing videos and magazines and to jump into different avenues. We all have a voice, some have found it and some have not, but it feels good to be one of those who found their niche. People love a lot about me, my personality, and then they realize I also look great in a thong, so it’s an all-around win.

You have definitely used your platform to your advantage as a businesswoman, did you look at models such as Tyra Banks as inspiration for your business work? I look at everyone who came before me from the runway models to the video vixens. Now, there are women today who look at me for direction. But, Tyra Banks was definitely one of the women I looked at on my way. She pushed and continued to grow and people should always look to those who came before them to pattern themselves after as they go forward.

Was it your past work as a bartender that led to you purchasing Suite 135? Absolutely, it’s important for a person to stay working in something that they know. I am one of three owners of Suite 135 and I worked as a bartender and waitress while I was in college and it came along with the life I jumped in. Then, the opportunity came for me to get into the Suite 135 venture and now it’s my baby. I fell in love with catering and I love this industry, so why not? I am definitely a great host and things are going well for us. I love it.

Recently, you appeared on “Maury” as a correspondent, which surprised a lot of people, can you explain what led to that situation? OH MY GOD! That was amazing, I did “Maury” and “Bethenny.” They both contacted me to co-host on the show and Maury wanted me to present things to the audience and provide commentary. It was different, I always test the waters, and it was enjoyable. I definitely loved it and I will be there again.

You also just put out your new calendar with Jodie Jones, called Intimacy, are you pleased with how everything came out? Everything was amazing. There were questions of why it took so long, as it dropped in March, instead of January. Realistically, I could have waited until next year. But, I love to give my fans what they wanted and it’s 2014, why not give them what they are asking for? It took so long because I am a perfectionist and I wanted it just right. It put art and high fashion together with my body, so it makes a beautiful calendar that tells a story. I was really pleased and I hope my fans will also be.

What was it like working with Jodie Jones on this calendar? I could not have partnered with anyone better than him. This all came together beautifully and it wouldn’t have happened without Jodie and also the production director.

There are a lot of people who still talk about your previous calendar, in what ways do you say this one improves upon the last one? Well, again, it’s a lot more artsy and grown to show off a different Tahiry. I made a lot of mistakes on the 2011 calendar, as it was my first one. But, this one is where I took my time to make sure everything turns out right. It is a lot more detailed, as I have grown in the industry, all you need is the right team behind you.

Alright, as we leave, can you let the people know how to connect with you online and where they can get their hands on the Intimacy calendar? @TheRealTahiry on Twitter and Instagram and pick up the calendar at, where I also have t-shirts, and other items. But, I have the 2011 calendar and DVD up there that the people can go check out.

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