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HHV Exclusive: Karen Fisher talks career moments, changes in the adult industry, and new radio show with Desiree DeLuca, “The Truth: Front To Back”


HHV Exclusive: Karen Fisher talks career moments, changes in the adult industry, and new radio show with Desiree DeLuca, “The Truth: Front To Back”

Karen Fisher 8By YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Anyone who knows anything about the adult film industry should be familiar with Karen Fisher and her work. She has diligently worked to entertain for well over a decade. Much credit goes to Karen Fisher for maintaining her fan base during a changing climate.

Karen Fisher has done countless scenes with some of everyone in the industry. While her love for filming continues, Karen Fisher has expanded into some other work. Recently, she began her own radio show, “The Truth: Front To Back,” with Desiree DeLuca.

Recently, Karen Fisher took out some time to speak to Hip Hop Vibe about her successful career. This meant also discussing her new endeavors, which include the radio show with Desiree DeLuca. Very open and honest, she spoke on everything from preferences to music, to her opinion on the industry.

Read the entire interview below:

How has the adult industry changed since you first debuted? Unfortunately, the business has really downsized over the last ten years. Many companies have gone out of business, or cut back drastically on production. Everyone’s trying to cut back wherever they can.

Many production companies feel as if the free websites have been detrimental to the industry, what is your opinion on this? I completely agree. Free sites are the reason the industry has had to drastically shrink. When very few people pay for porn, studios are forced to close down or only shoot rarely. Companies can’t pay for the talent, location, and camera crew, etc., if they aren’t making money.

You have done countless videos that many consider to be classics, but which one of your scenes is your personal favorite? Most of my best scenes can be found on my personal site I’ve had my own site for fourteen years and it’s updated every week. As far as movies for other companies, I would say “Princess” or “Lesbian Psycho Drama” by Girlfriends Films.

In a previous interview, you mentioned that you like hip hop, who are some hip hop artists you’re listening to right now? Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop from my teens and twenties. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac all take me back. I like to listen while I’m at the gym or on long car rides. Before that, I was listening to a lot of Drake and Kanye, more current stuff.

When you first entered the industry, did you always plan to get involved in the business end, or did that come later? Well, I started out having my own website, so I’ve actually always been on the business side.

With every scene you’ve done, it’s obvious you are enjoying what you’re doing, but do you prefer doing scenes with men or women more? In my personal life, I definitely prefer men. Lately, on camera, I’ve really gotten into performing with women though. now I prefer girl/girl scenes to boy/girl scenes. My favorite is boy/girl/girl scenes.

Can you tell the people more about your radio show with Desiree DeLuca, The Truth: Front To Back? I sure can! It’s on every Thursday at 8:30pm PST on Dollhouse Radio. We discuss what’s going on in the adult biz. We usually have industry guests to chime in as well.

Before you go, can you let the people know where they can find you on Twitter and Instagram? Check me out on Twitter: @sexykarenfisher and Instagram: Karenfisherxx.

See additional photos of Karen Fisher below:

Karen Fisher 5Karen Fisher 6

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