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Tips to Buying Good Headphones for Your Music Making

Making music is even more fun if you have the right equipment. If you are making music, you will be spending hours listening in the studio, and you need the kind of equipment that will last and withstand the rigor. Having the right headphones is especially crucial in music-making because

Skinnyfromthe9 aims to make huge impact in 2020, beginning with “Movie” music video | HHV On The Rise [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Many legends in hip hop have come from New Jersey, over the past thirty years. Still, the Garden State has a huge impact on the game, and there's another rapper trying to make some noise. These past few years have seen Skinnyfromthe9 really begin to make

Philly Blocks Takes Fans Down Memory Lane As He Reflects On The Days He Was “Average”

By @MinneeTellsItAll Hip-Hop Contributing Writer The crowned prince of the Ville, Philly Blocks, drops off his latest installment. While still enjoying the hype from his hood anthem “Days Of Our Lives,” the Louisville, Kentucky artist won’t let up and continues to bring the bangers for his fans. This time “Mr. What The

SunQueen Kelcey talks resurgence of R&B, “Around” single, 2019 success, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Often, the stories of rising rappers, and their mixtape grind, are told, mostly males, at that. However, very little, if anything, is ever said about the R&B artists, and their grinds. So, SunQueen Kelcey comes as both an R&B artist, and a female, one who is