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Welcome To My World: Sy Ari Da Kid shouts out DJ YRS Jerzy [AUDIO]


Welcome To My World: Sy Ari Da Kid shouts out DJ YRS Jerzy [AUDIO]

Sy Ari Da Kid 10By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past couple of years, Sy Ari Da Kid watched his popularity dramatically increase. It’s fitting that Popular be the name of his movement, as he continues to establish himself as a star. Last year, Sy Ari Da Kid talked to Hip Hop Vibe about his mixtape success.

Earlier this year, Sy Ari Da Kid held a release party for Ultrasound 2: Birth, which Hip Hop Vibe’s DJ Charlie Hustle attended. While he was there, he talked to Sy Ari Da Kid about his latest tape and his rising stardom. He is a rising star, just like Hip Hop Vibe’s own, DJ YRS Jerzy.

Making it as a journalist, part-time publicist, and an artist, DJ YRS Jerzy is catching the attention of the industry. Sy Ari Da Kid has definitely taken notice and he let it be known. Recently, Sy Ari Da Kid took a little time out to shout DJ YRS Jerzy out, as he sees him working, not unlike himself.

Listen to Sy Ari Da Kid’s DJ YRS Jerzy shout out below:

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