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Vince Staples – “Magic” (produced by Mustard)


Vince Staples – “Magic” (produced by Mustard)

Vince Staples releases new single Magic with Mustard

Vince Staples releases new single Magic with Mustard

In 2013, Vince Staples began making major noise, and signed with Def Jam. The Long Beach rapper was a part of a 2013 explosion of Los Angeles-area rappers on the mainstream. Vince Staples was his own entity, but a large number of the others had one person in common. Mustard, then known as DJ Mustard, produced the breakout hits for nearly all of the 2012-2014 artists to debut from the Los Angeles area.

Mustard became famous when Tyga’s “Rack City” blew up. With Tyga being on Young Money, at the time, a spotlight was immediately cast on Mustard. In 2012, “Rack City” became a massive hit, and 2013 saw Mustard sign to Roc Nation. By 2014, Mustard was one of the hottest producers in the game and 2016 saw his 10 Summers label launch with Interscope. The year of 2018 saw Ella Mai blow up and become the artist to put the label on the map.

Vince Staples, meanwhile, has built a cult following, over the past decade. Currently, Vince Staples is releasing his music through Blacksmith Entertainment/Motown Records. This afternoon, Vince Staples returned with his single, “Magic,” produced by Mustard. The song is the lead single from his album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart, which drops in April.

Vince Staples releases new single Magic with Mustard

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