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Soulja Boy – “Metaverse”


Soulja Boy – “Metaverse”

Soulja Boy is ahead of his time on Metaverse single

Because of his social media antics, it’s easy to overlook how innovative Soulja Boy is. Three years later, people like to look at his “Breakfast Club” interview for laughs. But, after that interview, he got a response from Drake, who both apologized, and gave Soulja Boy his props. While Soulja Boy never got recognition, as an executive, he is the rapper who made it possible to make money online.

During his time on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” Soulja Boy was named the richest member of the cast, which surprised many. However, the people forgot the money “Crank Dat” made him. But, Soulja Boy is now getting credit for his ideas. The veteran rapper opened up, in 2021, about a lot of his tech ventures, including his video game console.

Soulja Boy is a person who has always been ahead of his time. Even years later, he is getting credit for the music he made, in terms of its quality. Again, people dismiss it, now, but he had a strong run from 2007 until 2010. This week, Soulja Boy returned with a new single, called “Metaverse,” which is likely highlighting some of his upcoming business ventures.

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