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PAY$O Unveils Visual For His Track “Smile”


PAY$O Unveils Visual For His Track “Smile”










PAY$O is a Rapper/Hip-Hop artist who generates a sound that is powerful, honest, and real. As an artist who write his own music, the Michigan native makes music is deep but it is based off real life situations and he does this in a harmonizing manor. The video for his track “Smile” is out now and you can get to know PAY$O below!

How would you describe yourself to someone who hasn’t had your opportunity to hear your music yet?

I would Say my Music is Catchy, its make you wanna sing along, but witty you gotta listen to catch everything. I can also be hype and Fun as well though I give off different Vibes on different beats.

Why is music a passion of yours?

I just always loved music since a baby My Mother always said I used to hum as a infant instead of cry… As I got older it kinda just attracted me more and more from the simple writing in private as a kid I was telling you about before, to people catching wind of it and hyping Me To keep going & loving the music etc, to me crafting my own sound and People loving my voice and sound on tracks, Me Having fun creating the music itself and Using music as Creative outlet for Expression of self. Music really just Found me itself sometime I be thinking like damn I woulda never thought When I was a lil nigga fr that I would be a rapper. I never knew what I wanted to be I just wanted to get money take care of everybody around me.

What inspires your sound?

My Life And The Things I do, see, hear, things Im exposed to, my City, My Vision, My Dreams Just alot to do wit me and the things around me, & this worlds current state.

Who is your biggest motivation?
My Momma because shes always go so hard for me she be a 110% behind me. she do everything in her power to make sure Im Straight & I love her and thank Her for that imma make sure she Straight Forever Regardless. My Two best friends they been thru it all wit me from the start they seen it all Unfold they riding right or wrong I gotta make sure they straight. My 3 niggas Max Quavo & Dre they been thru it all wit me fasho, we got locked up in Georgia together. We been broke together,  up together . Slept on the couch together.  shared our Last meals together. Thats Gang Im going hard so they can all be straight when I make it too they believed in me from the start and been 10 Toes behind me every step.

Who are three artist that you look up to?
Biggie, Jay-Z, Drake.

What impact you want to make with your music?

I want my music to last forever. something thats still sounds good and people can relate to 40 years from now sumn that people really feel in they soul. Not just trynna mimic the Trend of Today cause tomorrow its gone be sumn different. I wanna impact anyone that listens to my music somehow wether its motivating em or hyping em up or getting thru sumn rough in life or just even sunn to play to make them smile or pass the Time.

What’s next for you?

I am Gearing Up to drop 4 Singles In the Next Month and half no Dates but they coming keep yo eyes open Im finna Turn all the way up. I also have a 8 Song EP Finished and Ready to drop Called “UNDERDOG” Coming this Summer No Official Date, Yet Its gone be Crazy though. This New Project Blowing My old one out the water..Be on the Look out for a bunch of New Music and Content. i got Videos/Vlogs All typa shit Coming.

Instagram: paysoofficial_

YouTube: payso

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