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On The Rise: Lorenzo Torez


On The Rise: Lorenzo Torez

lorenzo-torezBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past few years have seen several places develop bubbling hip hop scenes. In Ohio, the state has seen Kid Cudi and Machine Gun Kelly both sign major label deals, this past decade. Sports saw LeBron James end Cleveland’s fifty year title drought with the Cleveland Cavaliers title.


Lorenzo Torez is also looking to add to the Ohio history books and he is getting a big push from Toronto in doing so. The city of Toronto has become a leading music mecca and they love all things hip hop. It is not surprising that Lorenzo Torez built a nice following there.

However, Lorenzo Torez told Hip Hop Vibe in our latest On The Rise interview, about his other moves. There is a following building for this young man all over the world, as his music is picking up. So, he discussed his new single, the corresponding album, and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

Since 2000, the music industry is rapidly changing, do you feel this is a good thing or a bad thing? I feel it’s a good thing. Music surely has changed, it’s not like it used to be, but there’s still good music out here. It’s a good thing when artists can be heard now, getting a lot of exposure and have a fan base without a deal.

Your music represents the fusion taking place within the music world, what is your take on artists genre blending? Thank you, and I love it. I think it’s amazing! It makes great creative art music should have no boundaries. You should express yourself with total freedom in any genre of music and doing that collaborating with other great artists is truly amazing work.

Despite being an artist, yourself, do you find it important to also listen to and enjoy music from other artists, whether the artist is established or still developing? Oh yes! Absolutely, that’s how I stay inspired. I love to listen to artists I grew up to and loved, new artists, and also indie artists, as well. If it’s good music, and especially if I can relate, I’m all in and I’m going to listen to their music.

What piece of advice, about the music industry, do you carry with yourself and apply to your daily life? Work, consistency, discipline, humbleness, take nothing for granted I live by that 100% it’s so important in any and everything you do and just in life period.

So, can you tell us more about your single, “Either Way I Lose?” Wow, yes! It’s just one of those home hitting records! It’s so relatable and real, straight from my heart. I wrote it from experience and it’s my truth. I’ve been there before, actually. We all have and felt like that which I feel that’s why the record is being received so well by fans and people who have heard it, it’s honestly my best work now and I’m going to continue to bring more music like “either way I lose” to the table coming.

Why do you think the song has done so well in Canada? Hey, I obviously have a good growing fan base in Canada and that’s awesome (laughs), but Canada, I found, is real embracing of new music and artists and that’s amazing. One of my other singles, titled “That Guy (There’s No Love),” has been rotated for the longest and still is now on one of Canada’s hottest stations hits 93 FM Toronto so I’m very grateful and proud of that.

When will you be releasing the full album? Soon I’m working on it, I’m shooting for this winter hopefully, it’s going to be a very personal album.

As an Ohioan, are you excited about the Cavs finally winning the title and do you think LeBron and Kyrie can do it again? (Laughs) Yes, I’m very excited and proud and proud of them, and yes I absolutely believe and hope they will do it again. Those guys are amazing they work hard, and the whole team is amazing working together.

Where can fans connect with you on social media?

Listen to “Either Way I Lose” by Lorenzo Torez below:

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