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Nino Bless – “Then, Now, Later”


Nino Bless – “Then, Now, Later”

Then Now LaterNino Bless dedicated this song to suicide victim, Felicia Garcia, of Staten Island, NY. It turns out Nino Bless’ younger cousin knew her well and he released this statement, along with his song, “Then, Now, Later.”

Read Nino Bless’ statement below:

My cousin went to school with a teen who killed herself in Staten Island NY due to bullying. She apparently knew the girl as well and it affected her a great deal. She told me on the phone that some of these girls who are killing themselves are “heroes” .. Safe to say I was disturbed by this. I do NOT condone bullying one bit and I’m 100% against this but something that is even more troubling than bullying is suicide. Aside from that we have a huge issue with kids these days being far too influenced and not enough people standing on their own trying to be their own individual. All of this is what inspired this song since I hadn’t heard anyone else in our genre speak on this. If you’ve listened to this song, thank you.

Listen to “Then, Now, Later” by Nino Bless below:

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