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Meet Danny Hajj: Wall Street Consultant Turned Music Executive 


Meet Danny Hajj: Wall Street Consultant Turned Music Executive 

Music marketing has become an important strategy for any musician or artist to build an identity online. With the advent of social media and digital advancement, having an online brand value has become imperative. Interacting with fans online, getting public feedback after a release, and growing through the support of fans is what a rocking music career looks like. This is where budding talents need professional guidance to penetrate the thick fabric of the competition and emerge as a distinguished brand. Danny Hajj, the music producer and manager, has a proven track record in this regard.

From being a Wall Street consultant, Danny discovered his passion for music quite early and diverted his career towards the music industry. However, the multi-talented artist never wanted to limit his talent behind the studios, only working as a producer, so he started assisting aspiring talents, helping them scale up their careers through music videos, live performances, and online marketing.

Danny is a Lebanese music producer who started his career at the age of 22. Fresh out of college, Danny moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in the music industry. Luckily he was welcomed as a member of the famous group Audio Cartel, known for multiple platinum Grammy nominations. Audio Cartel has several hits to its name and has worked with A-list artists like Migos, Eminem, Future, Travis Scott, and Lil Durk, to name a few.

Finding ground amidst the top talents in the music industry was one of the biggest challenges for Danny initially, but he persisted and came out a winner. With no one to help him navigate the industry, Danny was led by his experience. He went on learning new stuff, and this helped him survive and build an identity. After achieving considerable success in the group, Danny decided to move on and explore other facets of the music industry. He expanded his horizons beyond music production to develop and manage musicians and their careers.

So far, Danny has been an excellent manager to some prominent names in the music industry, like 2kBaby and Fase Yoda. Danny has scaled up their careers from the ground level, helping them carve a niche in the industry. Today, 2kBaby is working with Warner Records, and Fase Yoda has been signed by multiple music labels like Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life Records and 300 Entertainment. Under Danny’s passionate guidance, these artists have managed to roll out back-to-back hits, stealing the limelight on digital platforms.

Besides having a successful career as a music producer, manager, and marketing consultant, Danny is also a philanthropist. He partnered with Fase Yoda to start their non-profit organization, Positive Visions, to financially support underprivileged youth pursuing higher education. As someone who always looks for original talent, Danny hopes to continue this initiative for many more years.

Going forward, Danny wants to help more aspiring talents build a solid career in the music industry. Instead of working for a big artist, he prefers to bring original artists into the limelight. With this aim, Danny hopes to become one of the biggest music producers and managers in the music industry in the coming years.

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