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Kaylin Garcia talks Joe Budden and Tahiry


Kaylin Garcia talks Joe Budden and Tahiry

Kaylin GarciaBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With the exception of maybe Ja Rule, few rappers come under as much negative scrutiny as Joe Budden. But, no matter what other rappers and the media say about Joe Budden, he manages to pull some of the sexiest women. Kaylin Garcia is Joe Budden’s latest girlfriend and the two have been together for close to one year.

It appears as if their relationship has hit its first major challenge. Back in December, Joe Budden was announced to be on the “Love & Hip Hop” cast. Joining the cast of VH1’s hit series meant Joe Budden would be sharing screentime with ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose. The two have gone back and forth over various topics since the season began, leading many to believe it is simply banter.

Kaylin Garcia recently sat down for an interview, with the audio obtained by Vlad TV. During the interview, she was asked about the close proximity between Joe Budden and Tahiry. Confident in her relationship with Joe Budden, Kaylin Garcia brushed those questions off. When asked how she felt about the screen time they are sharing, Kaylin Garcia said she is not worried about anything happening between those two.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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