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HHV Exclusive: Metafore – “Meta4: The Mixtape”


HHV Exclusive: Metafore – “Meta4: The Mixtape”

Meta4By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Following a long line of legends, Metafore feels he can redefine the rap game. In spite of all, many still have doubts about the new generation of East Coast artists. The strike against East Coast artists is they sound like Southern artists. However, many Los Angeles artists are praised for sounding like East Coast artists of the 1990s.

It is a double standard, but life is full of those. Metafore is a young boss in the rap game, setting the internet ablaze every time he drops a new track. With 2012 full of highlights and surprising comebacks, Metafore decided to get a jump on 2013. The Newark representative plans to set the rap game on it’s ear with Meta4: The Mixtape.

Though technical difficulties slowed things down today, Hip Hop Vibe still managed to make good on the promise to deliver Metafore’s Meta4: The Mixtape. Following several delays, including today, Metafore is here with his latest project. There are many up-and-coming artists to be on the lookout for, add Metafore to that list.

Download Meta4: The Mixtape by Metafore here.

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