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Gio Franklin On Versatility In Music


Gio Franklin On Versatility In Music

It’s a common thing to see musicians dominate a particular genre for years. Artists are known for specializing in sounds that best fit their music style and character. You can think of any prominent music stars like Michael Jackson, the king of pop; Eminem, the best-selling rapper; or even Kenny Rogers, the country music legend. One common thing about them all is that they’re greats in their respective music genre.

This shows how versatility and diversity in music can be a rare talent and a special one to live to witness. Only a few of the greats have come close to dominating other music genres far from what they are identified with. Fortunately, the world is about to witness one of the greatest artists hit the music scene.

The young music superstar is definitely destined to become the biggest music name in the world, judging from his incredible music prowess. Gio has proved he has what it takes to dominate a wide variety of musical sounds while making great music that everyone can listen and jam to. Though he is commonly identified as a rapper and singer, Gio is also an exceptional EDM, hip-hop, and country artist with great mastery of all the sounds.

The self-motivated, ambitious artist also has an insane vocal range that can hardly be matched in the industry. This makes it easier for him to feature different sounds and still deliver beyond his own expectations. Gio is also an excellent songwriter and composer. He writes most of his songs, which have always been delivered extremely enthusiastically. He has so far released numerous hit songs, including a debut album that did incredibly well.

Dubbed G STAR, the debut album is a one-of-a-kind music collection that displays Gio’s diversity as an artist. It also received massive support and attention in his hometown, Kansas City, MO, where he has a large music fanbase. Most of his fans know his potential, and aside from being thrilled by the masterpiece, they are hooked, awaiting the singer/rapper’s next release.

Gio has since moved to Los Angeles, the city widely known as the country’s entertainment hub, to pursue his music ambitions further. The city has also shown him great love, opening more doors of opportunities for him. His music talent saw him booking a tour with other big names, including Gashi and Tinashe. Unfortunately, it never happened due to the COVID pandemic.

Gio’s quest for music success has landed him on the radar of Adam Quinn, the CEO of The Apex Agency, who recently launched Apex Records, a new record label. Working with Adam has been a significant boost to Gio’s music career. Gio says that the producer has had a tremendous impact on his success in Los Angeles, taking him under his wing and guiding him through the industry’s dynamics.

Gio has just dropped his second album, G STAR 2, which you should perhaps check out yourself to experience the awesomeness of his talent. His ambition is to win multiple Grammys in various genres in the coming years.

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