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Five Lil Wayne Albums The World May Never Hear


Five Lil Wayne Albums The World May Never Hear

Lil Wayne 16By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Until a few years ago, Lil Wayne was simply the average Southern rapper. But, those who knew Lil Wayne knew there was nothing average about him, the man is not a human being. When Lil Wayne took a break from releasing albums, he became the collaboration king and he planned several albums.

From 2008 through 2011, Lil Wayne released five albums and helped turn mixtape stars, Drake and Nicki Minaj, mainstream. In 2008, Lil Wayne was on a creative peak and his chemistry with such names as T-Pain and Lloyd peaked. During his interviews during this period of times, Lil Wayne announced collaborative albums.

At the time, Lil Wayne was two years overdue with his I Can’t Feel My Face collaborative album with Juelz Santana. Lil Wayne revealed grand plans to complete that album and then move forward with some other albums in the works. Adding to his already-full plate, Wayne announced a collaborative album with Drake.

Last year, Lil Wayne also announced his Devol album, which he says may never be released. When speaking of albums that never will come out, Lil Wayne also said the Drake album will not be coming. Most fans have given up on I Can’t Feel My Face and the albums Lil Wayne first announced in 2008. Hip Hop Vibe decided to sift through Lil Wayne’s musical past and look up some albums that more than likely will never be released from Lil Wayne.

I Can't Feel My FaceI Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz Santana

When Lil Wayne began making his move in 2006, he linked up with a lot of New York rappers. Among his first supporters was Juelz Santana and they came together, originally, for Da Drought 3. Their track was entitled “I Can’t Feel My Face” and they later decided to do an entire mixtape and later an album.

This album never came, ironically Lil Wayne began flooding the industry with new releases right when Juelz Santana stepped away. With Juelz Santana back, there have been rumblings of I Can’t Feel My Face, but the world will forever be stuck with the memories. There was definitely chemistry there.

While no album may ever come, there are such tracks as the title track, “Nothin On Me” with Fabolous, and more to keep people amused. Coping with the fact that this potentially-epic album may never come, Hip Hop Vibe compiled a few tracks. Check these out.

T-WayneT-Wayne with T-Wayne

T-Pain’s career suddenly peaked in 2008 and he landed with Lil Wayne. “Got Money” became a major hit during the summer of 2008 and it showed the chemistry Lil Wayne and T-Pain shared. At a creative peak, Lil Wayne said they would be working on some collaborative stuff.

Lil Wayne returned the collaborative favor and appeared on T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It,” which was to serve a greater purpose. In addition to being T-Pain’s new single, Lil Wayne said both it and “Got Money” were singles off T-WayneFor those who remember, T-Wayne was the group and album name.

Other songs the duo also released included “Snap Yo Fingers.” Ultimately, T-Pain fell into borderline oblivion. He resurfaces from time-to-time and he did to support Lil Wayne in 2011 on Tha Carter IV. They got back together for the responsive track, “How to Hate.”

Last year, Timbaland previewed a track from the album and T-Pain explained the delays.

Lloyd and Lil WayneUnnamed Collaborative Album with Lloyd

Before and after his situation with Murder The Inc., Lloyd always had the support of Lil Wayne. Early on, Lloyd admitted it was nothing more than he and Lil Wayne coming together for music. But, it became something much different when Lil Wayne gave Lloyd an assist on “You.”

For his 2008 album, Lloyd turned to Lil Wayne again. “All Around The World” repeated the success of “You” and became another major hit. In the midst of his creative peak, Lil Wayne announced he and Lloyd would come together for a joint album. Lil Wayne envisioned a Best of Both Worlds-type album.

It has been five years and so much has changed, including Lloyd turning down a deal with Young Money. Of course, there are no hard feelings, but it has become painfully clear that was the only way the Lil Wayne/Lloyd album was coming. Truly, it’s a shame, just due to the potential the duo had.


During an MTV interview with Amanda Seales, last spring, Lil Wayne spoke on a new album he was recording. Devol was the name of the album and it is “loved” spelled backwards. Lil Wayne spoke on how creative this album was and he admitted the album will probably never see the light of day. At least Lil Wayne acknowledged this album may never come, but he spoke on the project with Sway Calloway on “RapFix Live” earlier this year.

Unnamed Collaborative Album with Drake

Back in 2011, Lil Wayne made immediate plans to complete all the albums he promised to drop. A free man, Lil Wayne decided it was time to deliver his promises. In the midst of all this, Lil Wayne announced he and Drake would drop a joint album and this inspired many other hip hop duos to also drop albums, among them Gucci Mane/Waka Flocka Flame and, of course, Jay-Z/Kanye West. Birdman even spoke on this album, but it never came. Drake revealed it would never be released because of Watch The Throne and what the fans might say.

Birdman definitely was a champion of the album, hinting at it potentially happening in 2010 and then he confirmed the album in 2011, unfortunately, Lil Wayne and Drake made the boss look bad on that one.

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