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Fat Joe talks 50 Cent truce and Chris Lighty tribute [AUDIO]


Fat Joe talks 50 Cent truce and Chris Lighty tribute [AUDIO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eight years ago, during this time, Ja Rule was putting his career back together. Ja Rule was preparing to release R.U.L.E. album. Earlier in the fall, Ja Rule returned to Billboard, entering the top five with his single, “Wonderful,” which featured Ashanti and R. Kelly. The second single would rebuild credibility for Ja Rule in the streets, “New York,” which featured Fat Joe and Jadakiss.

While their commercial success was limited, Fat Joe and Jadakiss were two of the biggest street rappers in New York City. Previously, Fat Joe had collaborated with Ja Rule and experienced tremendous commercial success. Jadakiss always maintained a good relationship with Ja Rule. The trio would soon find themselves, alongside Nas and Shyne, dissed by 50 Cent, however.

Each rapper would take aim at 50 Cent, with even his own crew member, Game, switching sides on him. In the time since then, every rapper would battle 50 Cent. Jadakiss would make amends with the leader of G-Unit, as would Nas. However, Fat Joe, Game, and Ja Rule continued to trade barbs with the “king of New York.” Fat Joe would make peace with 50 Cent during the Chris Lighty tribute at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.

At a ceremony filled with so much fighting, 50 Cent of all people made peace. Fat Joe spoke with Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia about making peace with 50 Cent. During his interview, Fat Joe spoke of how Chris Lighty saved his life, literally, as the people around him all went to prison. Deciding to perform alongside 50 Cent for Chris Lighty, who wanted Fat Joe and 50 Cent to end their feud for years, it was “good for hip hop,” as Fat Joe said.

Listen to the entire interview below:

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