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DJ and Producer Boudi Hamad Is Making His Name Known Across the Middle East


DJ and Producer Boudi Hamad Is Making His Name Known Across the Middle East

Challenges are part of life, especially when you’re chasing your dreams. The music industry has given many talented artists the chance to grow and establish themselves. There are different genres that are explored in this day and age. Music production has been a passion for Boudi Hamad since he was a teen, and he is now an established DJ and producer.

His fans value his remixes, mixes, and unique music production style. Boudi started his career at the tender age of 15. He has faced many difficulties throughout this journey but refused to give up because he knew where his true passion lay. 

Today, he is grateful that he didn’t give up. Boudi has performed in the biggest clubs in Beirut and has also released a lot of official remixes for many famous artists. Moreover, he has also filmed a live set for CDA on YouTube. Boudi has also joined the record label with CDA producers in Dubai. These accomplishments are remarkable. 

Boudi’s advice to others is to never give up or stop if you face failure on your journey. He believes in chasing your dreams and prioritizing success over everything. Even after being successful and making his mark in the industry, Boudi has had to go through many allegations regarding infringement and copyright laws.

Contacting each artist and getting permission was a massive difficulty. Boudi had to go through this multiple times in the beginning, but with time, these procedures became a lot easier. Now that his profile is even bigger and he’s well-known, this issue has vanished. Boudi’s commitment to his work is admirable and something to take inspiration from.  

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