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CARTERj – “Astonishing”


CARTERj – “Astonishing”

North Carolina artist CARTERj drops single Astonishing

CARTERj is an interesting artist, who hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Since 2009, Fayetteville has had a national spotlight, due to a handful of rappers from the city being signed, and getting major looks. The city is brimming with talent. Each artist has a unique sound, which cannot be pinned down into a specific category.

With CARTERj, he tackles the same topics, with a different take. CARTERj does a little bit of everything, when it comes to the music. What CARTERj is most proud of is his studio. This state-of-the-art lab is where he creates most of his work. On his social media, CARTERj has been promoting “Astonishing” for some time.

This week, CARTERj dropped “Astonishing.” He is a man who simply wants to show his lady a good time. CARTERj suggests going from just hanging out to taking flights. His suggestion is to spend some time with him. How CARTERj is bringing it is “Astonishing” and the special lady can maybe become a wife out of the deal.

North Carolina artist CARTERj drops single Astonishing

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