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Will Tone Trump be one of 2012’s breakout stars?


Will Tone Trump be one of 2012’s breakout stars?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Anything is possible is what people are taught from the moment they are born. When the internet became widespread and social networking became the “in” thing, this statement has become even more true. Due to the enticing culture, there are many who dream of becoming a hip hop star at one time or another. For most, it is simply a phase which is quickly outgrown. For others, it is something they always have an interest in. Then, there is the rare few who go after their dreams.

With internet radio, Pro-Tunes, and other options, it is not very difficult to make music and get it heard. Tone Trump is among these new age rappers who have used the internet to gain popularity. A powerful tool is the internet, but it still pays to have a presence in the streets. The following Tone Trump has was built on the streets and carried over to the internet. With internet now being available on television, it has become quite easy to recoginze internet stars worldwide.

Through the internet and his mixtape releases, Tone Trump has gained international recognition and a collaboration with Young Jeezy, “Afghan.” The success of the “Afghan” single led to the Afghan tour being launched with Tone Trump and Young Jeezy. In a recent interview, Tone Trump pointed out how he has not been making music very long, but has already achieved a bit of success. While the Philadelphia rapper conceded to not being rich, at the rate he is going, it would be hard to imagine this statement still being true a year from now.

At a time when hip hop is “soft,” Tone Trump is coming with music for the streets. Because he is on the independent scene, there is no one censoring what he can or cannot say. The hip hop websites are supporting him, so the media attention is already there. From the way it looks, Tone Trump has the same tools in place, which led to Tyler, the Creator having success in 2011. There are many who have negative things to say about Tyler, but he used the internet and his street following to gain national recognition and it led to him celebrating 2011 with a VMA for ‘Best New Artist.’

Out of all the rising rappers in the game, Tone Trump is beginning to separate himself from the rest.

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