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What is a flat wallet


What is a flat wallet

Initially, people used wallets to carry their money. Later, they started adding other items such as business cards, credit cards, debit cards IDs and photos. As a result, the traditional bifold and trifold wallets became bulky and messy. In fact, someone would take several minutes to find an important item placed in the wallet. In addition to that, the bulky wallets posed health issues. Studies have proved that sitting on a hard wallet for many hours results in low back pain. A huge wallet placed in the back pocket will also grab the attention of pickpockets and thieves when you are walking in the public. To solve the issues, wallet designers developed flat wallets. 

So, what is a flat wallet?

A flat wallet is a type of wallet that will retain its flat appearance when full. Flat wallets are comfortable to sit on and help the user avoid low back pain. On the other hand, the traditional bifold and trifold wallets can be bulky when holding the same contents a flat wallet holds. They are uncomfortable to sit on and they will lead to low back pain and other health complications. Today, the market offers a very wide range of flat wallets for both men and women. Some are available as bifold wallets or trifold wallets while others are available as cardholders or long wallets. You will find the style you need. 

The different structures of mens and womens flat wallets 

When searching for the best flat wallet for daily use, the number of designs and brands available in the market can become overwhelming. As we have stated above, flat wallets are available in various designs, sizing, colours and materials to match our demands. Here are the top offerings. 

  • Classic bi-fold wallet

The classic bi-fold wallet resembles the traditional bifold wallets but unlike the traditional wallet, it will retain its shape when full. It is currently the most popular among all structures of flat wallets in the market possibly due to its slimness. You can carry it on your hands, place it in your pocket or bag and sit on it without any problems. 

  • Trifold wallet 

The trifold flat wallet is similar to the bifold flat wallet. However, unlike the bifold wallet, which has two flaps, designers of tri-folds divide them into thirds. If you have many cards and items to carry, the trifold flat wallet is a perfect choice. However, keep in mind that the placement of many items in the wallet will make it thick. 

  • Cardholder wallet 

Most people use their cards when travelling to other countries or when going on holiday. Such situations will demand a cardholder wallet. Flat cardholder wallets arrange all debit and credit cards, membership cards and business cards properly.   

  • Money clip wallet 

If durability and flexibility are your top considerations when buying a wallet, the flat money clip wallet should be your perfect choice. With the wallet, giving tips at the salon, restaurant or coffee shop will not take a long time because you will have secured your money in a strong money clip. 


Flat wallets were designed with one goal in mind – to create the perfect wallet for front pockets. Flat wallets for men and women are sleek and slim and the manufacturers offer you a chance to choose between the available materials. You can go for leather, fiat leather, or plastic wallet. Before choosing one, decide on the items you are planning to carry. 

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