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Survive The All-Day Drive With These Tips


Survive The All-Day Drive With These Tips

Driving all day long can be a little hectic when it’s for 10+ hours, but it’s worth it when you get to hit the long road and see a lot of awesome places on the way. Traveling by car is great for checking different tourist attractions and the countryside, or maybe making some family visits along the way. Even if you’re part of a company fleet and you’re driving for long hours, it wouldn’t hurt to use some of these useful and helpful tips.

Staying Hydrated 

Most people believe that this has a major downside because you’d be stopping for bathroom breaks more often, but it would be terrible for your body to stay that long without water. You might lose focus and the oxygen levels in your body may drop to tremendously low rates. This can be a bigger downside than a 5-minute break to go to the bathroom. You can drink juice or sparkling water if you don’t like normal water, but just remember to stay safe and stay hydrated by keeping a well-stocked water supply for the energy levels to stay boosted.

Music or Audio Books

This can be a wonderful way to pass the time and stay awake. Sometimes the quietness can cause a lot of boredom and might lead to you dozing off on the road! So if the radio isn’t playing something nice, you should connect your phone to the car’s audio system. Most cars have an AUX or a USB port that helps you listen to whatever you choose clearly and loudly. But if you do not have AUX ports in your car, you can check this useful article to learn how to connect your phone without AUX ports. Not having an AUX port shouldn’t stop you from listening to your favorite tunes or a nice book you’ve been dying to read. Listening to the radio is great, but sometimes it’s much better when you listen to your own playlist or a good book.

Neck Rest

Those long hours can put a lot of strain on your neck. The pain or discomfort you’d be feeling can ruin your trip and you might not enjoy it at all. You should consider getting a comfortable neck rest for your car seat. There are types that can have a built-in massaging gadget inside to help you relax too. It all depends on your budget, but investing in one would be a great idea if you frequently take these long drives. Remember to test it out before buying it, and see if it feels comfortable around your neck and it’s not ruining your posture.

Food and Snacks

You are bound to get hungry, so it would be great if you planned ahead and got some sandwiches ready and snacks stocked up in your car. It’s understandable that sometimes you don’t have time to make some food, so you have to think about which places you’re going to stop at for a quick meal to enjoy in your car. Or you can do both: eat and have a break, since it would be great to stretch your body and get the blood flowing. It doesn’t have to be fast food joints all the time. You can find places that serve healthy food that are delicious and filling too.

Chewing Gum

This might sound silly, but it’s actually very helpful. Long drives can cause annoying ear pain and ringing sounds. But if you chew gum randomly, it can help ease that pain and might prevent it from happening entirely. So remember to have a few packs of gum with you just in case. You don’t have to get ones with excess sugar; you can ease the pain and stay alert with the sugar-free ones.

Singing and Telling Stories

If you’re not alone, then this can be a great idea to bond with your passengers, whether they’re family, friends or coworkers. You can start having some sing-along sessions together and keep yourselves alert and awake, or you could start talking about anything that’s going on in your lives. Telling each other some funny stories or memories can keep you entertained when you’ve driven for so many hours. Just remember not to make a lot of eye contact and stay focused on the road no matter how funny the story was.

Driving can be so relaxing for some people and it would be even better if you follow some of these tips. The long and hectic hours might seem a lot bearable when you have good food, drinks, music, and much more. Making your all-day drive as comfortable as possible can be so beneficial, especially if you take these long drives quite often.

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