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Royce Castro talks “Real $pill” single, moving into the Cannabis industry, new album, and more | HHV On The Rise
Royce Castro


Royce Castro talks “Real $pill” single, moving into the Cannabis industry, new album, and more | HHV On The Rise

Royce CastroIndie hip hop is where it’s at and a lot of rappers are finding success, on their own. Royce Castro is an emcee who is really getting it in, right now. His single, “Real $pill” is seeing a lot of viral success.

Royce Castro is a native of New Jersey, actually hailing from a historic town. Representing a historic town, Royce Castro is now making his own history. This area has never had a true independent hip hop artist take over the game.

Recently, Royce Castro took the time out to speak to, in an On The Rise interview. During the conversation, he spoke on his “Real $pill” single, and how he’s moving in the Cannabis industry. This came along with other business talk.

Read the entire interview below:

You’re back to releasing music again, this “Real $pill” record is pretty good. Can you talk about its formation?

Yes I took some time off because life and things that are so much more important come first. I love music don’t know where I’d be without it but when I became a father I fell in love with being a father and it changed everything for the better including music.

“Real $pill” is just another challenge that I’ve push myself to achieve creative wise by giving everyone my version of a commercial record. Song is pretty much self explanatory at this stage in life it’s all about the grind it’s all about the bag it’s about peace positivity and happiness and working towards that’s. If it isn’t about evolving. Moving forward so we can all eat and be productive for our families out here than I’m off it.

Royce Castro has released music for some time now, what separates your new music compared to past releases? 

My new music that I’ll be releasing will be fresh air just like my last project the formula hasn’t changed but I will say the content has been enhanced even more due to the fact that I give myself time to experience life to be creative

You’re big into the Cannabis industry as well, you have any new ventures coming?

Right now I’m doing pretty well with cannabis accessories on my store I remember when people laughed at me because I said I wanted to sell accessories but when you think about it there are tons of cannabis culture supporters so you do the math lol. In 2022, I’m hoping to have my very own strain released to dispensaries worldwide

We peep a lot of your post too and your big into eating healthy as well, talk about why health is wealth?

I started eating clean and practicing the Dr. Sebi alkalized diet for many years. I changed my habits from research learning how the quality of foods that is distributed to the masses is more harmful due to the demand so it’s more so about the quantity. In this life you get one body what you put in it reflects out. Eating clean has helped me see things more clear and has helped me out spiritually as well.

Now that things are opening back up after the shutdown, I’m sure as an artist you expect to get back on the road and more?

Yes, my strong point is live performances I’m very thankful for those good people over at live nation who have been giving me so many opportunities to open for so many major artists . It has truly been a learning experience I picked up so much game from being around others who been in the game for so long

What’s next up for Royce Castro?

The Rollz Royce Chronicles album will be out by end of summer. If not summer, my birthday, in September. Other than that, just keep grinding with other ventures. I’m looking forward to getting back on the stage and get to these festivals to just keep building my base

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