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Respect the DJ: DJ YRS Jerzy


Respect the DJ: DJ YRS Jerzy

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many of the hottest rappers are on the streets. From the streets of New York City down South to Charlotte, North Carolina, the Riot Squad and their branch, Young Riot Squad, are making major moves. One of the hardest-working members on their roster is DJ YRS Jerzy, who juggles schoolwork and power moves on a daily basis. The phrase “age is only a number” applies to Jerzy, as he is making big moves at the age of eighteen.

DJ YRS Jerzy has hosted several mixtapes for rappers from the Riot Squad, New Jersey rappers, and rappers in the Charlotte area. Originally from New Jersey, DJ YRS Jerzy is living in North Carolina and helping the Riot Squad, young and old, gain a new fan base. DJ YRS Jerzy has been working very hard over the past few years and he is watching it all pay off. Connected to some of the most-popular entertainers in recent years, DJ YRS Jerzy has a large following.

Among those DJ YRS Jerzy is on a first-name basis with include Shorty Mack and Billionaire Boyscout, the producer of French Montana’s 2011 hit, “Choppa Choppa Down.” However, DJ YRS Jerzy has made a name for himself, outside of his connections. Currently, DJ YRS Jerzy is preparing to star in an up-and-coming internet television program, in addition to lining up more mixtapes.

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