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Recap: “Lovers Lane” episode 1 and 2 #LoversLane


Recap: “Lovers Lane” episode 1 and 2 #LoversLane

Malachi Cynthia Lovers LaneBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This summer, a new series hit the internet, created by Karlton T. Clay and his Victory Productions. The series, “Lovers Lane,” became the most popular show under his production umbrella. With season two set to come back in January, Hip Hop Vibe is streaming season one.

Yesterday, “Lovers Lane” premiered on Hip Hop Vibe and their world was shared with the masses. Immediately, they were introduced to the woes of Malachi (Kevin J. Stone) in pleasing his wife, Cynthia (Shatareia Stokes). Their issues were set to get more complicated.

Initially, all seems well on “Lovers Lane,” but the middle of episode one proves things aren’t quite as they seem. Bridget (Felicia Renee) is the de facto, self-appointed, leader of the ladies and soon shown to be resident villainess. Despite being the pastor’s wife, Jason (Eric Rodriguez), Bridget comes off as quite evil and her husband is shown little to no control.

In the opening episode, the brotherly dynamic between Malachi and Gabriel (Nelson J. Davis) is shown. Both gave sound advice to the other, as their respective relationships show signs of wear and tear. As Malachi confides in Gabe about his inability to please his wife, Cynthia confides in Bridget and Lydia (Ashley V. Bagley), as everyone has a solution of their own.

Bridget keeps her hands in several pots, causing trouble for Monica (Javetta Milton), accusing her of coming onto her husband, Jason, as she works as his assistant in the church. As Jason tries to intervene in the ongoing conflict, it is shown how much control he has in the relationship. Soon, however, Malachi finds inspiration to perform with Cynthia when he meets the new neighbor, Nicole (Nicole Crump).

As episode two begins, all is well with Malachi and Cynthia, as she and Lydia are soon to meet Nicole and they both have questions about the new woman in town. Later, Gabe grills Malachi about how he feels about the new neighbor, prompting him to reveal she is his “motivation.” Immediately, Bridget clashes with Nicole, as she goes to the church and meets Jason and more insults come from wife to husband, meanwhile Monica is shown to be blackmailing Gabe.

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