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Places to Go in Kansas for Food Review Vloggers


Places to Go in Kansas for Food Review Vloggers

As a food vlogger, it is crucial to get mouth-watering food on a regular basis to keep more people coming to your vlog. Instead of having to build your vlogs around food that you make at home, it’s time to hit the special places in Kansas that will not only appeal to your fan-base, but also won’t put a hole in their pockets.

Em-Chamas Brazilian Grill 

One of the best things at Em-Chamas Brazilian Grill is the entire experience. It is not just a dish that comes to your table and once it is served your food experience is over, but it involves a whole lot of different skewers of meat coming to your table giving you the chance to indulge in all sorts of red meat. And even though you’ll be feasting on high quality tasty meat, it is one of the places where discounted dining is applicable and so you’ll be getting one hell of an experience for a fraction of the cost. You’ll also be able to encourage the fans on your vlog to visit, not only because of the awesome shots they’ll be able to capture, but also because it is a unique experience they can actually afford. Just be sure to capture the meat being carved directly onto your plate and remember to turn over the coin when you’ve had enough or else the food will just keep coming. 

The Blue Nile Café

Being a food vlogger means that you’re constantly in need to capture unique food experiences and this one will definitely fit that criteria. At The Blue Nile Café, everyone is encouraged to forget about the cutlery and experience the Ethiopian cuisine the way it should be: being eaten with your hands. With  numerous dishes available for vegetarians, cooked to perfection with lots of herbs and spices making it even tastier, the entire experience will make you look at vegetables in a whole new manner. And don’t forget to try their Kenyan beer, it really is one of a kind. 


While the menu itself might not seem like it has anything unique, one of the best things about this place is that the food is brought to you by a train suspended from the ceiling. You place an order by pressing a button and calling in your order and just wait until the train delivers your food to you. Getting this experience on your food vlog will be quite exciting and while the food itself consists of eggs, pancakes, burgers and a whole lot of diner food, the selection offered is crunchy, saucy and cooked to perfection making it very photogenic and appealing for you food vlog. 


There’s nothing more mouth-watering than watching food being prepared or seeing ready-made food with its crispiness, smoothness, and a whole lot of sauces oozing out of it. When there’s an entire new experience being served at a restaurant, getting it on your vlog is bound to make it not only a hit, but make more people come to your vlog for constant updates and recommendations. 

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