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Meet BG Fa$t, the California-Based Rapper Making Bold Moves


Meet BG Fa$t, the California-Based Rapper Making Bold Moves

Emerging rapper BG Fa$t is determined to make it big! Not only is he pursuing a career in music, he’s also interested in film, and wants to produce his own movie someday. The California-based rapper started focusing on music in 2017, and slowly began connecting with the right people. He’s currently working with mixing engineer iREZ, who’s worked with the likes of Blueface, Blue Bucks Clan, Stupid Young, and many more.

Although he’s dealt with a lot of negativity throughout his life, the up-and-coming artist has never given up on his dream, even when others doubted him. In fact, his songs are based on his personal experiences, talking about his life and what he’s been through. Growing up, he listened to a lot of rap – mostly artists like 2pac, Eminem, T.I and Lil Wayne. He liked knowing that you don’t necessarily need a higher education to be great with words and use them to advance in life.

When it comes to his style, BG Fa$t says he’s diverse, and his ability to change his flow up still makes him sound unique. One of the rapper’s favorite memories so far has been performing for the first time in front of a crowd, where he really felt the energy. Aside from music, the rising rapper also gives back to the community, having participated in a Back to School drive in Anaheim last year.

Stream the latest music by BG Fa$t below and check him out on social media.

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