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Jay-Z is still Hip Hop’s most influential Rapper


Jay-Z is still Hip Hop’s most influential Rapper

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This summer, Jay-Z made a brief return to the rap game and quickly became the focal point. He was one half of Watch the Throne with Kanye West. While the duo, as The Throne, set an iTunes record, they were quickly replaced by Lil Wayne.

There had been several rumors about Watch the Throne‘s release date. Many felt the album had been shelved. Right when fans had given up, “Otis” was released. Within hours, the song had been sampled by Game, who dissed Jay-Z.

Following Game, several rappers began freestyling over the “Otis” track. Both veteran rappers, current stars, and newcomers flowed over the track. Once Watch the Throne was released, rappers began freestyling over the other tracks.

The biggest hip hop release of the year was Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV. However, “It’s Good” has been the most-publicized track off the album. “It’s Good” sticks out because Lil Wayne disses Jay-Z in his verse on the song. His diss stems from Birdman’s frequent Jay-Z insults, which led to a Jay-Z swipe on “H.A.M.” It does not matter if Jay-Z is in his office, or promoting an album, he is always being targeted.

Rappers of all type either want to be like him or want to diss him, or both. The biggest rapper in the game and several other big names cannot stop with the Jay-Z disses. Other rappers are not dissing Jay-Z, they are freestyling over his beats. The rappers who refrain from dissing and sampling Jay-Z are borrowing his rhyming styles and ad-libs, or simply sampling his voice.

No rapper is having a bigger influence on the game than Jay-Z.

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