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How to Use Tumblr as a Company Marketing Strategy


How to Use Tumblr as a Company Marketing Strategy

There are several reasons why business owners choose social media as a marketing strategy to reach their potential customers. Social media marketing has been a very effective means of communicating to target audiences where business owners introduce their products or services and interact with each other about their brand. 


With so many people in social media today it is so easy to understand why a lot of marketers use this channel to promote their business and engage with customers. A great way to support a business website is by having microblogs on your site. Microblogs, as defined in are short blogs typically less than five sentences long. They may be used to introduce a photo, a video or a topic associated with your business. A tweet on twitter or your Facebook wall can be considered as microblogs. 


How does microblogging help a business?

Business owners can share a tip, a link, news, or update through microblogging. It does not require so much time, so this gives a business owner the option to make several posts to other social media sites to share with their customers. By providing information to its customers, a business may increase ranking in search engine optimization and marketing. (SEO and SEM). Analytics and other measurement tools can allow business owners to optimize social media as a marketing tool.

What are the microblogging tools for marketing?

Popular sites for microblogging are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tumblr is seldom being used but in fact, it has gained a lot of users comparing it to Facebook itself. Tumblr also claims that its users spend more time on their site than on Facebook and Twitter. Who would have thought that this site can also be used as a marketing tool for any business? 

Here’s how Tumblr can be useful for your business

When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo, it hosted almost 400 million blogs. Like other social media platforms, it allows you to post photos, videos, links, and articles, but with a few limitations. Upon signing up for an account, you are prompted to create your blog. A user should have a primary or a secondary blog page. Tumblr’s dashboard is easy to hover. The explore button would allow you to discover trending posts, the Activity button shows all notifications, the Message tab is for private messages,  the Inbox tab will be for private messages storage, and the New Post button allows you to publish new blogs.


There are several posts that you can make: texts, quotes, chats, links, photos, videos, and audio. Your post can be done immediately or you can set a schedule for later. Tumblr will automatically post those that are in the queue, following the schedule that you have set for it.




There are several Tumblr terms that every user must understand:

  1. Notes

The number of reblogs and likes is quantified and is called notes. This is usually placed below your post.

  1. Asks

These are comments or questions to your posts. You can have the option to answer them privately about their questions.

  1. Hashtags

Like other social media platforms, Tumblr also uses hashtags but there is a slight difference. Hashtags in Tumblr can be as long as you want and may include spaces between words.

  1. Submit

This button will allow you to send photos and links instead of the Ask button.


Now that you are oriented on how the application looks and how it works. You can now use it as a Marketing Tool.

  1. Create a website

Your blog on your Tumblr account can be customized. It offers themes for free and some you can purchase. It is easy to customize and faster to create a website using Tumblr. A very effective tool in sharing blogs and promotions to your customers.

  1. Create an advertisement

It has three different options for posting advertisements: 

  • Sponsored posts. 

These are regular social media posts so people are able to reblog them even if they are not your account followers. These may be targeted according to gender, location, or age and are placed on their dashboard together with other posts or blogs they liked.

  • Sponsored videos

These are sponsored video contents that are posted on the dashboard together with other posts. These videos are on a loop, meaning, they play repeatedly. Users can also view the video as they scroll down the site.

  • Sponsored day

This allows businesses to advertise content over a 24-hour period on the users’ dashboard. You may also pin your logo or your brand tagline above the dashboard. It gives a link to another page where they can see your posts and reblogs promoting your products or services.

  1. Utilize trending topics

Tumblr’s trending page gives all hot topics, blogs, and trends being posted and followed by its billion users. Take advantage of these trends, leveraging them on how it can help your business presence on the social media platform can be a strategy while making use of Tumblr as your marketing tool. 

  1. Be a solution to the Tumblr community

Having a billion users worldwide, the Tumblr community not just share but they also seek ideas, products or help from what they see on their feeds. Gaining trust and respect from the Tumblr community is one of your goals as a business owner since you want to reach out to them through your brand. Here are some facts about the Tumblr community that you need to understand and take into account when making your posts or advertisements:


  • The community is young. Strategize your blogs based on their age. These are millennials and they are also from the generation after X and Y. 
  • The community helps each other. Yes, they support each other. They would give advice and tips to fellow users who are in need of help. 
  • Social media influencers play an important role. Take advantage of this, once an influencer reblogs your post, expect that you can keep more followers. This will increase your social media presence thru Tumblr, adding more loyal customers to your brand.


Knowing how Tumblr can help you with your marketing strategy, make sure that you create not only a brand but build an impression that is relatable and respectable. Once users respect you, marketing will be very easy for you. This is a very effective tool for any business’ marketing strategy, it not only allows great interaction between you and your customers, but it also does not require a high-value investment.


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