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How to Step up Your Sneaker Game: 5 Tips You Need to Know


How to Step up Your Sneaker Game: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Who would have ever thought that shoes that were designed for sport and exercise performance would turn out to be one of the hottest fashion trends around? 


That’s what happened, though. Today, almost everyone wears sneakers – almost everywhere. Not only are they comfortable, durable and versatile, but they have become a part of American and world culture as well.


Over 40% of the footwear sold worldwide is sneakers, and over $34 billion is made in sneaker sales each year in the United States alone. It’s obvious that these shoes are popular and are here to stay. Sneaker game and hype is alive and well.


Sneakers and Fashion

It’s no surprise, then, that people that are interested in fashion take notice of different brands and styles and even go as far as to collect shoes in this realm. Many collectors have hundreds or even thousands of pairs, and some don’t even wear any of them. It’s more about the art of the shoe that draws these people in, and once someone is hooked, they’re hooked.


Most of us, though, buy sneakers to wear and enjoy them. Although some people buy just one pair at a time and wear them until they are scuffed up and full of holes, more and more people today choose to buy multiple pairs at once.


When you own a number of different pairs of sneakers you like, you can start putting them in some sort of a rotation. You can match colors to your different outfits or even match certain styles of shoes with certain looks.  Some people are loyal to one brand or style, but why not branch out? There are so many sneakers out there to try. 


Step Up Your Sneaker Game

You’ve likely been wearing sneakers since before you could even walk. You probably never gave them much thought in your childhood and saw shoes as simply functional. 


As time went on, though, you began to see that sneakers are more than just footwear and began to dive deep into this world. Now that you’ve realized how much the right sneakers worn the right way can add to your look, things are getting pretty serious. 


If you’re looking for some ways to take a step up in the sneaker game, you came to the right place. Read on to find out five ways to rock your kicks in a memorable and eye-catching way. 


Be Courageous with Color

Sneakers come in every color you can imagine, and in endless combinations of those colors. A lot of people only wear black or white sneakers and although they have their benefits, sneakers are a great way to let your personality shine through the use of color. 


Some sneaker companies allow you to design your own sneakers on their website, giving you even more options for color personalization. But even if you only buy premanufactured pairs, it’s a good idea to choose a variety of hues. That way, you can match your sneakers to whatever you’re wearing, or even mismatching can make a statement. 


Black sneakers and white sneakers are great too, though. They match with anything and make their own statements. Black sneakers tend to stay cleaner longer than other colors; white sneakers, on the other hand, will need a little finesse to stay looking fresh.


Embrace the Details

There are lots of simple sneakers out there with a standard, recognizable brand design that everyone knows. They’re fine, but why not choose some pairs with a little flair?


Embellishments can really bring attention to shoes and make your stand out. Sparkle in the sole, cool laces or an interesting pattern that peeks out from the ankle collar can give your sneakers a little wow factor that you’ll love to show off.  


Keep Them Clean

Shoes can get dirty fast, especially sneakers. We wear them through everything and in all kinds of weather. However, if you want your sneakers to accentuate your overall fashion sense, then you have to keep them clean.


This is easier said than done, but if you stay on top of dirt and scuffs, you can stay ahead of deterioration. At the end of each wearing period, look over your sneakers and seek out dirt or damage. You can clean off much of the dirt with a dry or damp cloth without much effort.


Fully cleaning sneakers is a step by step process but once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take long. Don’t do this too often or the colors may degrade, but sometimes your shoes can really benefit from an overall deep clean.


Socks Matter

Whether you choose to wear short socks and hide them or decide to wear tall, color-coordinated socks, your use of socks can add a lot to your look. You may choose to wear plain socks so the attention is on your sneakers, and that’s fine.


Or, you may decide to wear exciting socks that help to draw eyes to your overall footwear. If done well, the effect of this can be stunning.


Enjoy the Classics and Be Adventurous, Too

There are plenty of sneaker companies out there that have not changed their most classic designs in years or even decades. They still make them, and they look the same as they always did. This only proves that some styles are timeless, so you should embrace celebrate that. 


Don’t overlook classic styles like the Converse All-Star, the Puma Clyde, or the Nike Air Max (which you can buy here).  There’s a reason these styles are still hot, and that’s because they are simple and great no matter what the year.


On the other hand, though, don’t always stay in the safe zone. Sneakers are a way you can show your fashion sense and exciting personality to the world, so just do it. Find the most unique and out there sneakers you can find, and if you like them, wear them.


Sneaker Game Elevated

Sneakers are a big part of all of our lives. Since you wear them every day, it makes sense to make them a focal point of your wardrobe. When you have a good sneaker game going, everything else just seems to fall into place.


If you want to read more about fashion on our site, type “fashion” in the search bar for more great posts.



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