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GTA Stories, Ten Notable “Grand Theft Auto” Characters: Catalina


GTA Stories, Ten Notable “Grand Theft Auto” Characters: Catalina

CatalinaBy DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Only two days remain until Grand Theft Auto V hits retail and Hip Hop Vibe’s countdown of the past characters continue. After visiting Grand Theft Auto IV to check in on Niko Bellic, tonight leads back to the Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto III. Catalina originated as the original ride-or-die chick to Claude Speed.

But, by the time the game started, Catalina was an opponent to Claude Speed and his objective was to beat her. Serving as Grand Theft Auto III’s antagonist, Catalina ended up dying at the end of the game. She turned up alive in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and worked with/dated CJ on a strand of missions.

Catalina bent over backwards in order to get CJ, but Claude Speed arrived in San Andreas to race CJ, losing his car to him. But, Claude was the winner, because Catalina left with him and they rode off into the sunset. Even though she never had a real story of her own, Catalina is a character worth a mention.

See Catalina in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas below:

Catalina 2

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