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Famous Personalities Involved in Personal Injury Cases


Famous Personalities Involved in Personal Injury Cases

Being in an accident isn’t something that anyone likes to brag about, but of course, if a celebrity is part of a personal injury accident, it makes headlines in no time. Whether it’s because people actually care or because it’s a great chance to get publicity out of it.

Here are a few famous personalities who were involved in personal injury accidents: 

Morgan Freeman 

In 2008, Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident that left him with several injuries. Freeman lost control of the car where it went off the edge of the road and flipped a few times. Freeman had a passenger riding along with him, Demaris Meyer, who also suffered a broken wrist amongst other injuries and was unable to head back to work for several months. Personal injury lawyers over at state that it is essential for anyone who suffers from injuries as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault to file for a personal injury claim. The person responsible for the damage will be billed for medical bills, lost wages, and any other damages that have occurred in the victim’s car or health, just like what happened to Meyers and Freeman after she filed a lawsuit against him and won. 

Gloria Estefan 

While on tour for her first solo album, Gloria Estefan’s tour bus had a terrible accident. With a truck crashing into the bus during a snowstorm, the intensity of the crash and the weather left the artist with a fractured spine. As a result of the severe injury, Estefan needed an implantation of two titanium rods in order to keep her spinal cord intact. Not only that, but she also had to undergo physical therapy for an entire year before she was cleared to go back on the road and perform. A personal injury lawsuit was filed against the tractor company leading to a total of $8.95 dollars received for damages done by the accident. 

Bret Michaels

Lead singer of the famous rock band Poison was leaving the stage of the 2009 Tony Awards when a large sign collapsed and hit him on the head, leaving him with head and face injuries. While the initial reports stated that he was left unconscious after the incident, it was reported that he suffered from a broken nose and lacerated lips. However, a few months later, he was rushed to the hospital as a result of a brain hemorrhage which he believed was caused by the accident. This led Michaels to sue CBS who were in charge of the Awards and in 2019 he managed to reach a settlement an amount that was undisclosed. 

While celebrities are mostly rich and do not need the money, they still act like the rest of us when it comes to personal injury accidents. That is because even if they did not need the money, nobody should suffer as a result of someone else’s mistakes and shoulder the burden alone. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, filing for a personal injury claim is not only useful, but also a right worth fighting for.  

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