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Came A Long Way From Ralph Lauren! The Coolest Hip-Hop Style Vibes for the Summer


Came A Long Way From Ralph Lauren! The Coolest Hip-Hop Style Vibes for the Summer

If we were writing this in 2001, we would pretty much sum it up like this: braids, bling, a Sean John or a Rocawear outfit, and some more bling. Fast-forward almost two decades later and, judging by how some of the celebs choose to go out in public, it appears that they remained stuck with that old, weird, 90s vibe.

Now we don’t talk about hip-hop as much as we did before, as rappers and trappers continue to be more successful and make money out of everything. The hard life on the streets, the violence, and the abuse were replaced with how much money one has.

But, no matter the trends, one thing remains true – hip-hop is more than just a street culture. For some, it has been the golden ticket out of poverty and violence, while for others it remains a true religion. In this spirit, we decided to come up with a style lesson for all those who want to remain fashionable this summer without ditching their true hip-hop, rap or trap origins.


Choosing tops

We’re in 2019 so how many of you still wear loose t-shirts that could fit the entire family inside? Oversized is cool but wearing something that resembles your old grandma’s XXXXXL version of a shirt is outdated.

If back in the 2000s we were talking about rappers’ clothing labels, fast-forward into this day we are mainly talking about designers. Bold, shiny, glittery designer logos are part of today’s hip-hop and rap culture, with brands like Gucci, Versace, Vetements, and Balenciaga leading the way.

The good news is that you can still remain cool with a limited budget as most of these brands have sub-brands and collaboration with mass brands, creating affordable yet elegant and timeless pieces of clothing. And, if everything else fails, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collections are all about the urban culture and spot flashy logos and bold patterns both for men and women.


Choosing bottoms

Hip-hoppers of the older generations were also renowned for wearing super low-rise and baggy pants. Fashion changed in this department too, with most American rappers nowadays opting for a cleaner, more European cut. If you’re not into super-skinny jeans you can still choose stylish pants that closely follow the lines of your body without feeling too tight. Expensive brands are optional here, meaning you can get away with a regular pair of Zara or Target jeans.


Choosing rides

Do you remember the trend where most hip-hoppers and rappers ditched glamorous cars for cool, rock choppers and Harleys? Forget about that too. We’re not sure about the utility of a well-written and complete guide on how to buy a motorcycle or change its parts in the current world of rappers so it would be best to stick with over-expensive cars and personal drivers.

Luckily, you can go by as an environmental activist and choose less-conventional means of transportation for hip-hoppers such as electric bikes, electric scooters or, you know, your own feet.


What about shoes?

We’re glad to report that, at least in this department, fashion hasn’t changed too much in the past years. Sneakers remain the first choice of many rappers and hip-hoppers though the regular Nikes and Jordans were replaced by more famous Balenciaga and Gucci versions. Not to mention the worldwide frenzy of rapper Kanye West’s and Adidas’ collaboration which resulted in the Yeezy shoes, that can take off your bank account over $500.   


Shine baby, shine!

A hip-hop or rapper look wouldn’t be complete without the famous blings. Throughout the past three decades, the iconic pieces of jewelry have become the signature mark of Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and other famous singers.

The new generation of rappers and trappers continue the legacy by adding their own personal twist. Whether we’re talking about expensive watches, grills, rings, bracelets or necklaces, the number one rule is that it must sparkle.

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