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Behind the Lens: Philly Spielberg


Behind the Lens: Philly Spielberg

Philly SpielbergBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Several months have passed since Hip Hop Vibe spotlighted the upcoming videographers and directors in the hip hop world. However, Hip Hop Vibe is now back with more videographers and now has returned with Philly Spielberg. Currently, Philly Spielberg is watching his profile rise through his recent work with SKE Records and doing interviews.

Evidenced by his name, Philly Spielberg is located in Philadelphia and primarily does work for those located in the city. However, Philly Spielberg received a bit of advice and it has stuck with him regarding his video work. While he wants to branch out and do all kinds of video work, Philly Spielberg has started out with hip hop and music videos, but is focusing on one artist.

Recently, Philly Spielberg spoke to Hip Hop Vibe and he talked about what he hopes to accomplish with his visuals and other projects he has in the works. Giving Hip Hop Vibe the complete rundown about the past, present, and future, Philly Spielberg appears to have his business organized. The future is definitely bright for Spielberg.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did you begin shooting videos? I found something I like to do and stuck with it. I never went to school for filming, it’s just a God-given talent. A close friend of mine sold me a Canon 60D, I started out taking pictures, and I was pretty good at it. The camera I purchased just so happened to have video mode, so I begin recording and taught myself how to edit and the rest was history in the making.

Obviously, it goes deeper than just music videos, what goals have you set for yourself? To be top movie director in Hollywood, that’s my main goal. I just want to see a film I directed on the big screen so I can bring my family and friends to my movie premiere. I’m going to start off with shorts films and see how the people take to it and if it works out, good, then I’ll begin to shoot my first film.

Though you are relatively new at this, are you surprised at how far you have come so fast? Not really, I’m the man in my city when it comes to these videos, I’m the go to guy. A lot of people are starting to notice me now, but it took a lot of hard work and dedication and I’m very grateful. When you have good quality videos and a great vision the people can’t deny but to watch it. That’s why I’m coming up so fast in my hometown of Philly.

What have you learned from such guys as Hype Williams and Elf Rivera? Hype Williams is a genius when I first saw Missy Elliot’s “Super Dupa Fly,” I said to myself ‘damn, I wonder if I can do something like that,’ (laughs), knowing damn well I couldn’t at that time and it was way back before I even thought of shooting videos. I learned it’s about putting out good quality/great work. Elf Rivera is the new wave for directing his “9000 Watts” video for French Montana had me going hard and practicing my craft. I inboxed Vimeo for some tips and advice and he told me ” Stick to filming one artist and build you and that artist up” which was great advice and I ran with it.

With a name like Philly Spielberg, do you see yourself as the hip hop version of Steven Spielberg? Actually I do, if I can turn a person’s vision into a masterpiece, I’m happy. Steven Spielberg is genius when it comes to that, his special effects are crazy and all his movies he directed were beyond great and I’m trying to go in that same direction, God willing, and put on for my family and friends. Philly Spielberg will be the new face in the filming world remember the name.

What type of relationship do you maintain with the rappers you film videos for? I’m cool with all the artists I work with because I remain humble and never switched up. I worked with Styles P from The L.O.X. I shot two freestyle videos for him. I also worked with Gillie da Kid, Quilly Millz, Ar-Ab, Ms. Jade, Peedi Crakk, Trel Mack and F-Chain to name a few great Philly rappers which can be seen on my website had to plug myself (laughs), but  the key is to remain humble never get too cocky and always think positive.

Being a native of the City of Brotherly Love, how do you feel your reputation is within Philadelphia? My reputation in Philly is good, I love my city and my city loves me. I always show love and reach out to artist here, so if you know me, then you know I’m a cool humble person I say this a lot “I only support the ones that supports me.” If you show love, I show it back and I like to go out and people know who I am from watching my videos now that’s a great feeling just to know you have a that type of impact in the film world.

You previously said you want to travel the world, do you have any specific locations in mind? Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and Europe. These are just a few I’m going to travel this year. I want to capture the different culture and the lifestyle of every city I visit I might come out with a documentary of all the great places I visited in the near future and call it “My Journey: From Then to Now.”

Where is one thing or place you have dreamed of filming? I’m going to say Dubai, because their architecture is amazing. It just gives you that millionaire feel from the curvy tall building to the very modern but classy resorts. When I visit there, the first place I’m shooting is a video in the white sand desert I know that would be a crazy scene kind a like Hype Williams and Kanye West “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” video, but my vision.

What serves as your motivation? What keeps me motivated is seeing the people I helped out achieve their goals and my family/friends plays a big factor in my life because without them in my corner, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. Having them around it keeps me grounded and motivated to keep on pushing. I’m my worst critic but I know I have a good chance of becoming a great director in the filming business.

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