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Basic Steps in Getting Your Windows Cleaned


Basic Steps in Getting Your Windows Cleaned

Every house and office has a few windows that need cleaning from time to time. A dirty window reflects badly on its owner since the essence of a window is to let light into the room and be clear enough to look out of. 

Here are a few basic steps for getting your windows cleaned: 

  1. Assess the risk involved if you do it yourself
  2. Contact and hire window washing professionals in your area if the task is actually dangerous
  3. Prepare the necessary window washing equipment 
  4. If to use cleaning solution; make sure you are safe from any dangerous chemicals
  5. Get an assistant if needed


The first step in dealing with your windows is deciding whether you can do it yourself or it is better to let a professional do it. If your home or office is high up on a building or otherwise hard to reach then it is best to consider letting window washing professionals handle the job. The experts behind Reno window cleaning services really set the bar high, because these are the professionals called in to clean windows that are really high up on tall buildings and casinos. These experts have the best equipment for reaching difficult surfaces and they also have years of experience under their belt.


You may decide to clean your own windows if the danger involved in cleaning them is not too great and you already have the right equipment as well as some experience in cleaning windows. Cleaning windows on the ground floor of your home is definitely less dangerous than cleaning windows that are situated at a great height. If all that the task demands from you is for you to climb a ladder and clean windows then perhaps you can judge the risk to be acceptable and do the job yourself. However, if the windows that need cleaning require somebody to hang from ropes just to be cleaned, it is best to leave that kind of work to the experts.

Do It Yourself Window Cleaning

Many people equate cleaning windows with a technique learned from childhood which is that of wiping wet newspapers on a dirty window. This technique, however, has proven to be not as good as that of using a good squeegee and a detergent spray. 

Buying your Own Equipment

Getting a hold of a good squeegee for washing windows is usually just a matter of visiting a hardware or handyman store. A popular choice for window cleaning is the dual squeegee on one side and special water absorbent foam on the other side. Be sure to find equipment with good window cleaning features to make the job easier.


Preparing Your Cleaning Supplies

Mixing up a good window washing formula is usually a simple matter of mixing water with a little bit of dishwashing detergent. Mix it up to make it bubbly. You can put this in a bucket or in a spray container that you can easily carry with you. Set up your ladder for high and hard to reach windows.

Cleaning Your Own Windows

Cleaning windows is best done on a bright sunny day. Using your squeegee dip the absorbent foam part of your window cleaning tool and wipe it on the window first. Afterward, you can begin to wipe the squeegee on the window which leaves it clean as crystal. If you have chosen the spray container option then spray the specific window area then wipe it with a squeegee afterward. Slow and steady strokes are best.


Cleaning windows is an activity that is usually manageable unless you are living in an apartment that is many stories above the ground or the windows are for a tall office building. If this is the case then it is best to follow the path of caution and let window washing professionals do the job.


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