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An Ultimate Guide on Losing Weight the Keto Way


An Ultimate Guide on Losing Weight the Keto Way

Keto diets have gained popularity all over the world as the best diet to be on if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The issue is that it could get confusing if you plan on going on the keto diet without help from a nutritionist. That’s why this will be your ultimate guide towards a healthier lifestyle through keto.



1. What is the keto diet

This diet is based on a high intake of proteins and fats while simultaneously eliminating most carbohydrates out of your daily food intake as much as possible. According to, a keto diet has a range of benefits including increased brain functions and help protect against oxidative stress. By putting your body in this state of ketosis you are helping your body burn more fat than it normally does. If you do include any excess carbs, then your body won’t be able to burn as much fat and will lose the ketosis phase it is in; so if you plan on going on this diet, make sure to follow it for great results. 

2. Different types of keto diets

People don’t seem to realize that there are actually different types of keto diets. Some are standard and are designed for those who want to lose weight, or to simply remain healthy while others are more complex with set cycles for people who have specific targets they want to achieve such as bodybuilders or athletes. 

3. Foods to include in your diet

This diet is quite simple to follow if you know what you’re looking for in terms of food. In a keto diet, you will want to include food high in protein and fats and very low on carbohydrates. This means that you should include foods like fish, various meats, eggs, butter, and cheese. Keep in mind that these have to be as unprocessed as possible for the diet to work. 

4. Foods to avoid

Just as it is important to know what food to include in your diet, it is just as important to know which to avoid at all costs. These foods will include anything high in sugar or carbohydrates as well as any kind of processed food, some sauces and even low-fat or diet products which may seem healthy but actually deter your progress. Another type of food to avoid is most fruits. This may seem surprising, but most fruits have sugar, which makes your body lose its ketosis state and end up gaining weight instead of losing it. 

5. What to expect

When you start your keto diet, do not be discouraged by the first couple of days. On these days, your body is still getting accustomed to the decrease in carbohydrates and the resulting low energy you will have. Also keep in mind that although keto diets require high amounts of protein, it should not exceed 35% of your daily intake.

Now that you know all there is about keto diets, you can start your own keto journey towards a healthier lifestyle. The best thing about keto diets is that finding food that fits into the diet doesn’t require much effort


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