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A Wall of Art: Home Decor Ideas for Art Lovers


A Wall of Art: Home Decor Ideas for Art Lovers

Home decorating is such an exciting task. But, it can also be filled with challenges, especially to those who do not possess the skills. Once you are able to design your home using some really good tricks you will find the entire space being elevated instantly. But, one great way to update your place is to incorporate some works of art. Good news: 


These works of art do not have to cost a lot. Check out the following home decor ideas for art lovers. 

Choose a large-scale art

A large-scale painting is ideal for living rooms in small homes. Whether it’s a romantic art or a beautiful scenery make sure that such a painting is enough to command attention. Remember that the painting you put on the wall serves to set the tone for the entire space. If you are a minimalist, you can opt for a black-and-white painting. If you want to add vibrancy, choose a colorful abstract piece. So, choose a happy, lively art to make it the painting capable of exuding a positive atmosphere as well. 

Consider making a gallery wall

A gallery wall helps add personality to your space. Hang some small yet cohesive frames that show your love for art. If you have a special affection for flowers, your gallery may consist of flower painting variations or just mix anything up to your heart’s satisfaction. If your space is small, extend the gallery up to the ceiling, on top of the door to create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Create an accent wall

If you don’t have much painting collections, you may create an accent wall. An accent wall can be created either by painting the wall with bright color or any color combinations of paint. Some accent walls are made of printed wallpapers. You may also decide to use the stenciling method and any other decorative paint technique depending on your preference and what would look best for your space. 

Hang a fabric

Hang a tapestry on the wall that has a bohemian design or anything from an Italian or Belgian tapestry. See to it that the print perfectly matches with everything that you have in that specific space where you will be hanging the tapestry. You can also try to frame a beautiful scarf or any other pretty textile. The best thing about these hanging tapestries is that they are easier to move or remove should you need to change the apartment or location. 

Opt for mural painting

Adding a mural can greatly transform the atmosphere of your living room. The mural designs could be of geometric shapes or tropical plants for a more exotic feel. Asian inspired murals that create a feeling of zen in the entire room is also another wonderful idea for a mural painting. These mural designs will never fail to create a huge impact on your entire home. You can also have murals in the living room, kitchen, home office or in any part of the house. These murals work in every room or space while creating a stunning focal point. 

If you always run out of tips that will help you make sense of what’s perfect for your space, you can always check out the internet for more ideas. However, remember that you can always put your creative imagination to the test until you master the art of home decorating. 

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