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YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: Nas – “It Was Written”


YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: Nas – “It Was Written”

It Was WrittenBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Often, so much is said about Nas’ debut album, Illmatic, which is critically-acclaimed. Left in the lost and forgotten pile is It Was Written, which most fans seem to not like. The album was Nas’ attempt to go mainstream, yes, but this album made him a household name.

Capitalizing off the success of The Fugees, Nas got Lauryn Hill to perform on “If I Ruled The World,” his first breakthrough hit. The song succeeded in making mainstream America know who Nas is and he made good on future projects. This weekend, It Was Written turned twenty years old.

In honor of this, this week’s Wednesday Throwback is dedicated to Nas’ sophomore album. As the years have gone on, the world has come to appreciate this album much more than they did when it was released. Now, the only wait is for Nas to come back with another album.

Stream It Was Written by Nas here.

Watch “If I Ruled The World” by Nas below:

Watch “Street Dreams” by Nas below:

Watch “The Message” by Nas below:

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