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YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: LeBron James in the 2007 NBA Finals | #Cavs | #DefendTheNation


YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: LeBron James in the 2007 NBA Finals | #Cavs | #DefendTheNation

lebron-james-2007-finalsBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every generation has that one athlete that is a once in a lifetime type figure. The current generation has LeBron James, love him or hate him, he’s here. Not only is he here, the man is one of the best to ever do it, with no question.

LeBron James has played in the NBA Finals every year since 2011 and, if last night wasn’t indicator enough, it looks like 2017 will also feature him. Most impressive is how he’s done it with two teams. Without him, both teams are shells of themselves.

But, there was once a time when LeBron James was very young and unable to do all he does now. People often forget he was a kid when he entered the NBA and he pushed his way to the Finals, in 2007, during a weak year, even for the East. On the other side was his first of three Finals matchups with the San Antonio Spurs, who wiped the floor with him.

Understand, in order to be great, there must be some form of failure and, for LeBron, it happened to him on the biggest stage. Through it all, he stood tall, and this is what propelled him to become rap’s favorite basketball player to mention. It’s all on Steph to overcome last night to see what he can do with it.

Watch highlights of LeBron James in Game 4 of the 2007 NBA Finals below:

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