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Viral sensation web series, “NY Underground Kingz,” debuts on [VIDEO]


Viral sensation web series, “NY Underground Kingz,” debuts on [VIDEO]

o-cc-in-car-with-mikey-the-lawyerBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past two years have shown a resurgence in urban cinema, ranging from network television to the internet. Since January 2016, “NY Underground Kingz” has been one of the leading web shows. A portrayal of a young man trying to make it, the show is authentic.

“NY Underground Kingz” is the brain child of Omari Levers and director, Dallas Alexis. They are telling the story of a man called Osiris (Rubin Hernandez), as he is making his way in life. Osiris, commonly referred to as O, is navigating the street life and dreams of rap stardom.

Episode one of “NY Underground Kingz” introduces the audience to the complicated world of Osiris. This world includes CC (Vanessa D. Fant), the woman who is by his side. While “NY Underground Kingz” has already run a successful season one, every Monday the season is replaying from the premiere episode on

Watch episode one of “NY Underground Kingz” below:

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